Sep 4, 2022
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Larisa Andersen spoke about the idle moon for September 2022


Astrologer Larisa Andersen predicted which days would be empty for all business.

🌚Moon without a course (idle Moon) is an astrological term meaning the period of time when the Moon, moving along the zodiac circle, leaves the next sign, ceasing to interact with the planets, but has not yet had time to enter the next one. It is as if in a void, by itself, out of contact with the outside world. Such an idle moon cycle occurs approximately every 2.5 days and can last from a few minutes/hours to 2 days.

‼At this time, you should NOT start new businesses, make large purchases, make responsible decisions, borrow money, sign contracts, etc., since there is a high probability that nothing will come of it. The moon affects the course of various life processes, and if it moves without a course, then events do NOT develop in the right direction, things are NOT done, mistakes are made. We become inattentive and distracted.

❌During the period of the Moon without a course, DO NOT:

🔸 start new business and projects for which the development perspective is important

Make major life or business decisions

🔸take tests, start medical examinations and prescribe surgical operations

🔸 send important emails

Submit documents for review or approval

🔸 conclude contracts

🔸 to get a new job

🔸buy cars/apartments

🔸 get married

🔸register a company

invest or lend money

‼️ Also at this time you should be careful while driving.

As a rule, things started under the Moon without a course are not put into practice or are not carried out in the right direction. During these hours, you should do the usual, routine things.

📝 Moon without a course for September (Moscow time). This information will help you avoid failure if you are planning an important business:

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