Sep 16, 2022
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Larisa Andersen of the story, whom the day will thank September 17, 2022


Astrologer Larisa Andersen predicted what the weekend would bring.

REWARD FOR WORK AND EFFORT awaits us from September 17, when the Sun will move into the sign of Virgo.

☀️ The Sun is a royal planet, she is used to commanding and leading everyone.

♍ Virgo is the sign of performers, they are comfortable performing a strictly assigned task and following the rules. And such a connection as the Sun in Virgo will help make us a pro in our field of activity or teach us to be our own leader.

✅This is a great time to clean up the house and soul. Throw away old and unnecessary things🧦, rearrange, get rid of old habits, fears and resentments. Many will not only want to get rid of the old, but also change the traditions in the family, communicate with household members, or establish new rules. For example, organize family gatherings in the evenings.

Everyone who does monotonous work will be successful. Attention to detail, scrupulousness in doing your job will help you open new frontiers for yourself and do your job perfectly. You can safely rely on such employees and entrust even more global projects. During this period, the leaders will be demanding and attentive to detail.

☝️ The only disadvantage of this position is excessive pickiness, excessive demands on ourselves and others can make us selfish, and Virgo’s love for savings can make us a little greedy.

❗Don’t forget about Surya Sankranti – the time of the Sun’s transition from one sign to another. The Sun at the moment of transition is weak and manifests itself as a loss of energy. Therefore, on September 16 from 22:27 to September 17 to 11:15 (Moscow time) it is not recommended:

❌ Start any business

❌Make purchases

❌Make money transactions, open or close accounts



🌺For the time of Surya Sankranti, it is favorable to engage in spiritual practices, meditation, chant mantras, do general cleaning, get rid of old things, blocks and fears, do charity work, read scriptures, visit spiritual places.

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