Jun 12, 2022
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Larisa Andersen – Monday is not a difficult day on the 13th


📆 June 13, Monday, it’s time to do something.

Moon🌙 in Sagittarius♐️. Auspicious day in all respects.

In the morning, the Moon makes a harmonious aspect with Jupiter, which is its dispositor (governs the sign in which the Moon is located🌙). This has a positive effect on the events of the day, as there is an element of luck😜.

During the day, the harmonious aspect of the Moon 🌙 with Mars will begin to be felt, which is good for vigorous activity, you can go to the gym, do spring cleaning or do things that require a lot of energy.

From this day, the tense aspect of Venus with Saturn begins to be felt. This aspect actualizes in the near future the topic of relations, mutual obligations in partnership.

❤️For the good of you and the Universe!

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