Sep 5, 2022
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Larisa Andersen compiled a shopping calendar for the coming days of September 2022


Astrologer Larisa Andersen shared her forecast until September 5, 2022.

The Moon is in the zodiac sign Sagittarius from 01:39 on the 3rd to 05:02 on the 5th (Moscow time).

♐Passing into the sign of Sagittarius, the Moon takes away the bad emotions of the previous days and gives us activity and a thirst for adventure. Curiosity, cheerfulness, benevolence, optimism and generosity increase. You may feel the desire to take someone under your care, you may be drawn to philosophical topics, and you also want to go somewhere or learn something new, the pace of life will increase.

✅ This is a good time for advertising campaigns, travel, travel, promotion at work, to resolve legal issues, start litigation, communicate with government agencies and various authorities, file complaints and applications. Business trips, long-distance trips, contacts with foreign partners, travel, excursions will also be successful. The time is favorable for learning.

❌ Routine, household chores will be difficult. It is not recommended to engage in cases related to construction, real estate and land plots.

❤️ At this time it is good to make new acquaintances, do not refuse meetings, both friendly and romantic.

When the Moon is in Sagittarius, the effect of anti-aging procedures is enhanced. Good for breathing exercises.

Shopping calendar for SEPTEMBER

A calendar that will save you from unnecessary spending and help direct your money in the right direction.

I highly recommend using this wonderful calendar when planning your purchases. You have probably noticed that sometimes you buy some thing, and when you come home, you realize that this is not at all what you need. Or by chance in the store you find exactly what you were looking for. And also at a very good price. These are all aspects, my good ones. On some aspects, you can buy whatever you want. Though a saucepan, even a car. And all will be well.

‼️‼️In September it’s only September 6th and 15th

‼️September 26 (new moon 🌑) is the day of unreasonable spending, it is better to refrain from shopping.

‼️Serious purchases are best made on the growing 🌒 Moon.

🟢 – favorable days for large purchases. You can buy apartments, cars, antiques, expensive clothes, jewelry. All purchases made on this day will last a long time and bring joy.

🟡 – good shopping days. You can buy everything you need, except for large expensive purchases: household appliances, clothes, kitchen utensils, furniture.

🔵 – neutral days for shopping. You can buy dishes, stationery or household chemicals. It is better to refuse spending on extra wardrobe items. A good time to analyze the purchase, study the characteristics and reviews on the Internet.

🟠 – not the best days for shopping. You can buy essential goods, stock up on household chemicals. When buying products, choose products from well-known manufacturers and carefully look at the expiration date.

🔴 – unfavorable days for shopping. It is better not to visit the shops at all these days. Products may not be fresh. The product may have hidden defects. Purchased items may be unnecessary or simply not suitable. If the purchase decision arose spontaneously – do not buy this thing.

Shopping calendar until 09/05/2022
Shopping calendar until 09/05/2022
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