Nov 19, 2021
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Large venomous spider donated to the zoo anonymously

large venomous spiderDonations vary, as the staff of The Australian Reptile Park (Sydney, Australia) have seen.

large venomous spider

Some unknown donor threw them a plastic container in which a living spider from the Atracidae family was sitting (these spiders are also called Australian spiders or atkids). It is surprising that the body length of a strange gift is 4.83 centimeters, and now experts would like to personally ask an anonymous donor where he found such a large specimen.

large venomous spider

By the way, the spider will not only settle in the zoo, but will also perform important work. The venom of these creatures is used to make an antidote, so that the new inhabitant will produce a substance that will help fight the effects of the bites of his fellows.

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