Aug 19, 2022
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Landscaping the garden: 5 best ideas

Landscaping the garden: 5 best ideas

A beautiful garden plot or a small courtyard, furnished in an original and tasteful way, is the dream of many owners. In order to realize it, no expense is spared. However, many people whose possessions are small often abandon this idea, deciding that there is nowhere to turn around in a modest area.

Ideas for landscaping the garden

In fact, having at least a small piece of land, you can make it attractive in appearance and rationally use every square meter. A few useful tips, put into practice, plus unlimited imagination can work wonders.

Making a plan in detail

All large-scale events should be approached responsibly and thoughtfully. Therefore, before you go for the necessary equipment, finishing materials, seedlings, you need to draw up a detailed plan with markings for all elements of the landscape – from large objects to the smallest bush.

Even if you lean towards a natural, natural look of the garden, you still have to pay attention to every little thing, otherwise the result will not be a well-groomed “naturalness”, but sloppy thickets and randomness. By the way, planning is necessary not only for the competent arrangement of the territory of a summer house or house, but also to save time and money.

Agree, it’s absurd to engage in landscaping a site where you will later need to lay communications for an artificial pond.

What should be noted on the plan:

  • facilities – a gazebo, a summer kitchen, a veranda, a shower, a canopy or a playground;
  • reservoirs – drainage is carried out in the first place;
  • decorative elements – an alpine hill, a cascading stone composition, etc.;
  • landing zones – places for trees, shrubs;
  • placement of flower beds – flower beds;
  • fencing of the adjoining area – sometimes zoning is carried out on the territory with the help of “living” walls, small hedges. Where to arrange them also needs to be thought out in advance;
  • lighting system for the garden and lighting paths, the facade of the house.

It is not at all necessary that all of the above should be present in the improvement of your country house or city house. Mark what you see fit.

Principles of designing a garden space

The first option creates the impression of a natural image of the site, and the person only fits into its framework. This principle implies maximum naturalness, it seems that the trees themselves grew in good places, bushes and flowers grew around them, and reservoirs arose independently and have been here for many years. Human participation was limited to laying paths between these elements and adjusting the lighting of the most spectacular of them.

The second option is the exact opposite of the first. This is the symmetry of landings, clear sizes and regular shapes, strict distribution of components. This principle aims to show that the owners tirelessly monitor the garden and carefully control natural processes. The lawn on such a plot is evenly trimmed, the paths have an ideal geometry, the flowers in the flower bed are planted in accordance with the flowering period and color scheme.

Ideas for decorating the garden area

You can arrange a garden in different ways, only the sizes and possibilities hold back the fantasy. But there are a few key points to keep in mind.

  • Backlight. This is not to say that you cannot do without it, but it is not only beautiful, but also convenient. What can be done about this? Illuminated flower pots will create a romantic atmosphere. With the illumination of the tracks, a strip of LEDs will do just fine. Originality will be given by interesting lamps in hand made style.
  • Tracks. Combined options from concrete slabs and strips of lawn or pebbles are now popular. In general, stones are an excellent material for landscape design. Do-it-yourself tiles made of cement and leaves look very unusual. Broken dishes, fragments of tiles for creative people will help in creating bright tiles or just decor.
  • Furniture. Garden swings, a hammock are symbols of country life. Do you think it’s trite? Make pallet sofas with colorful cushions, or use car tires and wrap twine around them. You will get comfortable ottomans that no one else has. A non-standard approach to sawn branches is to make a bench or chairs out of them.
  • Fencing. It is getting more and more beautiful every year. And what if your site is surrounded by a blank fence? It can be decorated with flower pots of different shades. It will turn out bright and gentle, flower arrangements will smooth out the severity. Another way to dilute a solid wall is to alternate sections of the fence with vertical flower beds. “Live” inserts of greenery and flowers will refresh the urban style of the fence. For those who are looking for a unique solution, it is proposed to finish the fence with inserts of colored glass balls or pebbles (you can buy it in a store with goods for the garden, cottages and repairs). The sun’s rays, playing in their faces, will turn a boring fence into a magical hedge.
  • Not so long ago, various sculptures were in vogue. They were placed in the garden and were proud of such decoration. But first, the Europeans, and then the Russians, abandoned all kinds of plaster gnomes, animals and other statues, considering their use as kitsch, in bad taste. What is out of fashion are flowers. Plants in tubs, huge pots, unusual flowerpots or monolithic structures made of concrete, stones have become classics that are unlikely to lose their relevance for many years to come. The advantage of this method of decorating is that flowers will be appropriate everywhere – in the dining area, on the terrace or backyard.

These are some good examples of how you can equip your backyard space without spending a lot of money. In general, landscape design provides ample opportunities for creativity, regardless of the size of the territory. You just need to set your priorities right.

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