Apr 26, 2022
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Landing Lloyd-Blinken landed in the middle of Kyiv

Landing Lloyd-Blinken landed in the middle of Kyiv

Photo: Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press

Announced by Ukrainian President Zelensky the visit of distinguished guests from Washington, which at first the representatives of official American departments refused to confirm, nevertheless took place. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin still visited Kyiv.

Both arrived in the capital of Ukraine late in the evening on Sunday, April 24. But until the last moment, all the details of the movement of high-ranking officials were kept secret.

According to a number of Western media reports, the journalists who arrived with Austin and Blinken in Poland were forbidden to cover the trip until it was over, and were also not allowed to accompany the ministers on their land journey to Ukraine.

At the same time, the Militarist telegram channel notes that gentlemen, the Americans arrived on the territory of the “square” from Poland by air. Moreover, in the sky they were allegedly accompanied by several tanker aircraft, an RC-135W River Joint electronic reconnaissance aircraft, as well as the Special Operations Forces.

In any case, the very fact of Zelensky’s meeting “closer to the night” with Blinken and Lloyd was confirmed by the adviser to the head of the OP of Ukraine Arestovich. However, he did not specify where exactly it took place. But, according to rumors, Zelensky did not dare to invite foreign guests to Bankovaya and received them in his secret underground bunker.

Details, however, are not yet too many.

Thus, Agence France-Presse, citing State Department officials, reports that Washington representatives notified the Ukrainian side of the imminent return of their diplomats to Kyiv, as well as the appointment of a new ambassador to Ukraine to replace the chargé d’affaires. They will become Bridget Brinkwho is currently working in a similar position in Slovakia.

Zelensky was also informed about the allocation to Ukraine of another $713 million in direct and indirect military assistance. Although Kyiv will get only 322 million of them, the rest will be distributed among NATO members and other countries that have provided the Armed Forces of Ukraine with critical supplies since the beginning of the Russian special operation.

Immediately after Kyiv, the US Secretary of Defense will go to Germany, where he will hold consultations at the American Ramstein airbase on new deliveries of weapons to the “square”.

The mysterious visit of the Washington couple to the “square” at the request of “SP” commented head of the information and analytical Internet portal “Alternative”, political scientist Andrei Vajra:

I don’t see any practical purpose in such visits. They are meaningless. This refers to the meaning in practical terms, which relates to reality. The only meaning of such events is in the virtual, informational sphere.

In this case, the Ukrainian population simply needs to demonstrate that the Great White Master in a pith helmet did not abandon his faithful serf. He extended a helping hand to him. And he even risked his precious life, arrived in the capital city of Kyiv, so that everyone could see that the great masters of the West are together with the Ukrainian people.

The meaning of all this is purely propaganda. There is nothing else here. Please note that before the Americans, all the allies of the so-called Ukraine from Europe have already gone there. These are purely informational games, a demonstration that “the whole world is with them.” But no more.

Some technical, practical issues related to real cases are solved remotely. They do not require such visits.

“SP”: – European officials, they are, as it were, not entirely independent and not particularly valuable. And here, one might say, the political “heavyweights” arrived. What fear has passed?

Let’s not exaggerate their importance. There are, in general, a lot of people like Blinken. Again, we all understand that there, in Washington, more than one group rules. And the current Secretary of State is just one of them. Despite his position, he is not some irreplaceable figure. So let’s not exaggerate the significance of these events. And these personalities.

Zelensky after all Biden first asked to come. But the old man is not at all himself, so transporting him across the ocean to Ukraine, of course, is both fraught and pointless. And Blinken and Austin came and did something nice for the Ukrainian propagandists. Arestovich will now tell you how powerful the alliance between Ukraine and Washington is. But all this does not go beyond the propaganda sphere.

“SP”: – Why then all this secrecy?

– It seems to them that they are catching up with fog, but still it lies on the surface. They think they are playing some kind of complicated political game. In fact, this flickering does not matter. The fate of Ukraine and the whole world is now being decided not in Kyiv, and not even at the negotiating tables. She decides on the battlefield. Decided in the Donbass.

“SP”: – Austin, by the way, said that they were going to win this battle …

It’s not the first time they’ve said something like this. Borrell also said that everything would be decided not at the negotiating table, but on the battlefields. Again, given how Western partners have been pumping weapons into Ukraine over the past few years, it becomes clear that the bet is on fomenting the conflict. It is also clear that this conflict is not between Russia and Ukraine, but between Russia and the West. That the Ukrainian army, the Ukrainian Nazis, is just a “pad” with which we are dealing.

But this is not the first time this has happened. If we take the Anglo-Saxons, they have always postulated this principle – to destroy their enemies by proxy. Famous English utopian philosopher Thomas Morewho lived at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries, even then in his famous work “Utopia”, describing the inhabitants of this ideal fictional country, spoke about them: they do not like war, but when they have to fight, they fight with the hands of mercenaries. And they are ready to pay a lot of money to destroy their enemies with the wrong hands. This is the essence of the Anglo-Saxon mentality – British and American.

Ukraine is just a consumable. Therefore, when they say that “we will win”, not Ukraine, but the West, they mean America and Europe.

“SP”: – But they still hope to win?

We are all always hoping for something. But there are things of a purely mathematical nature. And pure mathematics shows that they have no chances to win at all.

And they will say what they have to say. The propaganda sphere is of great importance for them now. But even here they periodically experience “failures”, like the recent statement by the British Prime Minister Johnson in India. He unexpectedly admitted that victory for the West is not guaranteed and Russia can win in Ukraine.

Again, I repeat, the information sphere is secondary. It doesn’t really matter much anyway. It does not affect the realities that are now in Ukraine.

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