Sep 21, 2022
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Landing forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as tactical experiments of NATO

In the early morning of September 1, on the day of the IAEA inspection visit to the Zaporizhia NPP, Ukrainian troops made an attempt to land on the southern shore of the Kakhovka reservoir and capture the Zaporozhye NPP. The landing was preceded by a hard shelling of Energodar and the positions of Russian troops.

The calculation of the landing organizers for an unexpected tactical decision did not materialize. The boats with the landing force were also found, according to the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, and partially destroyed. The rest of the Ukrainian boats turned around and left towards the right bank, where they landed in the area of ​​Vyshetarasovka and Chervonodneprovka and immediately came under fire from Russian artillery. As a result of the failed landing, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost 47 militants killed (including 10 foreign mercenaries) and 23 wounded. There is very little information about the prisoners.

An attempt to land the Ukrainian Armed Forces was carried out the next night with the help of high-speed boats, but it also turned out to be a failure.

Recall that the United States transferred 10 boats to Kyiv as part of technical assistance to Ukraine Willard and 70 rubber boats Zodiac.

US Boat Assistance

US Boat Assistance

Then they talked about the landing as a maneuver that diverts the attention of the Russians from the impending attack on Izyum. Although using elite fighters as a distraction with a predetermined disastrous outcome is not a very smart decision. Therefore, a version appeared that the operation was developed and led by the British or Americans, who are indifferent to the number of Ukrainians dying.

The next time they tried to land troops on the night of September 9 in the area of ​​​​Kamianka-Dneprovskaya. According to the head of Energodar administration Alexander Volga, the attack was repulsed. The Armed Forces of Ukraine again have losses and again they are good soldiers.

Nevertheless, the NATO landing itch has not passed, and now they are trying to use the landing forces on the sea coast, and expand their composition to tactical ones using helicopters and the remnants of the boat fleet. The logic of NATO is simple – if crests have marines, the 73rd Special Marine Operations Center, then they should be used at sea.

Landing operation on the Kinburn Spit

Landing operation on the Kinburn Spit

Therefore, the Kinburn Spit in the Ochakov region became the landing site. The goals of the landing are various: from reaching the rear of Russian units and attempts to capture Alyoshka and Gola Pristan to the removal of certain secret documents or materials from the former places of deployment of American curators. They also recalled the possibility of diverting Russian units from the Andreevsky bridgehead. The most daring versions are an attempt to cut off communications with Crimea. There is not much information about the defeat of this landing, but it is known that it was destroyed with the help of artillery strikes and helicopters.

According to the deputy head of the administration of the Kherson region Kirill Stremousov, “Any attempts to enter the territory of the Kherson region by land and sea have been stopped, because we have all the lines of defense built professionally. Nothing threatens Kherson and Kherson region”. He noted that, most likely, the landing force, which tried to penetrate the Kherson region, landed in the Ochakov area. “We tried to get around, but there are points, military bases that still remain from the time of the Soviet Union. Everything is controlled, the entire perimeter is monitored”.

Today, talks about the possibility of landing new troops in the Dnieper estuary, along the Dnieper, do not stop. We repeat that for NATO, military operations in Ukraine are a springboard for gaining experience not only in conducting operations (in this case, landings), but also in suppressing landings by NATO’s main enemy, the Russian army. For the experiment, Ukrainian soldiers are used as soldiers. There are still many of them, which means there will be many experiments and experiments.

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