Aug 8, 2022
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Laima Vaikule was criticized by a journalist


Singer Laima Vakule drowns for Ukraine and Europe, but makes money in Russia.

Until recently, the Russians warmly received the artist and went to her performances with great pleasure. Now it has become clear that Laima Vaikule does not respect the public in the Russian Federation and supports Ukraine with all her heart.

Regarding the actions of 68-year-old Laima Stanislavovna, whose firm selling furniture, cosmetics, by the way, continues to work for clients from Russia, journalist Andrey Sidorchik spoke.

The singer continued to give out hits in Russian, constantly toured our country, regularly appeared at large national concerts, New Year’s shows could not do without her. The Russians treated Laima with warmth, and she seemed to respond in kind. But, as it turns out, it only seemed that way. Vaikule stated in an interview that Russians have no problems at all in the republic – as if she had never heard of the status of “non-citizens”, the closure of Russian schools, the Latvian “language police” and similar things.

When the New Wave festival was forced to leave Jurmala, since the official Riga blacklisted some of the Russian artists, Laima, who was a regular guest of the Wave, immediately created her own in the same place – well, do not waste the good? In Russia, everything was forgiven to her, including revelations that she would not set foot in Crimea for any money. And in the end we got Vaikule waving the flag of Ukraine on the stage“, – said Sidorchik.

Laima Vaikule - photo from the archive -
Laima Vaikule

It is not yet known whether the Russian public will forgive the artist, but Sidorchik believes that Vaikule’s fans are simply ashamed of her duplicity.

But Lyme, it seems, for more than three decades, has got used to the fact that the Russian public is mild-mannered and ready to understand and forgive almost everything. And if there can be problems with big concerts after such antics, then you can always agree on a corporate party for wealthy people with Russian passports. Probably, the problem is that we, unlike Pushkin’s “uncle of the most honest rules”, will never learn to force ourselves to be respected. That is why something parasitic blooms in a riotous color in the cultural space.”, The journalist concluded in his column for AiF.

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