Aug 2, 2022
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Laima Vaikule told what she thinks about the Russians


Singer Laima Vaikule expressed her position.

The Latvian artist said that in Russia the so-called dislike of the Baltic states for Russians is allegedly exaggerated. According to her, in fact, everything is not so.

Russians are treated absolutely well. The same as for the Latvians. I’m sure. I don’t know where it came from that Russians are treated badly”, the singer shared her vision of the situation.

Laima Vaikule - photo from the archive -
Laima Vaikule

However, the real facts say otherwise. For example, Olga Buzova has repeatedly expressed how her grandmother suffers in Lithuania. According to the artist, the elderly woman is practically not provided with medical care due to the fact that she does not speak the local language well.

How much anger there is towards her now, she practically cannot go out into the street, they don’t talk to her. Like a pack of enemies. They didn’t even take her to the hospital. Because she doesn’t speak Lithuanian“, – said the mother of Olga Buzova.

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