Nov 19, 2022
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Laima Vaikule showed how her hair looks amid cancer rumors


Singer Laima Vaikule shared a photo without a wig and a headdress.

In recent months, Laima Vaikule has rarely appeared in public. If the singer, who now lives in Jurmala, went out, she always wore hats.

In a new photo on the social network, the artist showed how her hairstyle looks now. It turned out that Laima Stanislavovna had a short haircut. She was captured at a table in a cafe in a floral blouse and snow-white trousers.

Laima Vaikule
Laima Vaikule

Netizens reacted actively to the photo. “She has become completely bald”, “I hope you are doing well. Any haircut suits you, as long as your health is in order”, “Get well soon”, “I had to cut my hair. Apparently it’s serious”, — said the subscribers.

Recall that in 1991 the singer was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then she flew to America and underwent treatment in a good clinic. According to rumors, now Vaikule’s disease has returned, so the artist is undergoing chemotherapy. She herself does not comment on the information.

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