Nov 6, 2021
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Laima Vaikule regularly pays for a place in the cemetery


Singer Laima Vaikule admitted how much she pays for a place in the cemetery.

The artist is a famous dog lover. Several bulldogs always live next to her, to whom she treats like her children. Alas, the singer’s heirs did not happen, and now she no longer regrets it. But he loves dogs with tender and quivering love.

Her pets can expect to be not only fed and cared for, but also operated in the best European clinics. And if all efforts do not bring results or the dog dies due to age, it will be buried in a specially organized elite cemetery not far from Riga.

The hostess will not regret 200 euros for a complete ceremony with a farewell ceremony, cremation, a coffin and a monument, followed by leaving and replacing flowers. For all this, the singer will annually lay out 25 euros per grave.

Laima Vaikule
Laima Vaikule

Now in the animal cemetery there are already four of Laima’s favorites. There are also dogs, cats, hamsters, and even the creator of the cemetery, fashion designer Ugis Rukitis, who went through all the circles of hell, trying to rent a plot of land after the death of his friend, Labrador Carbo Cerbo Congo Van der Clemenceau, is even laid to rest.

Lyme admits that the loss of a four-legged pet is a real tragedy for many. She is sure that in this cemetery, surrounded by pine trees, there are angels.

It’s indecent to say that, but they cry more at animal funerals than at human funerals.“, – quotes the words of the current director of the churchyard Kristaps Rukitis” Express newspaper “. – Because people associate animals with children.

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