Aug 23, 2022
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Laima Vaikule appeared at the premiere without a wig with her real hair


68-year-old singer Laima Vaikule, rumored to be battling cancer, came out with a short haircut.

Laima Vaikule once again proved that, despite all the disturbing rumors about her illness, she is not bedridden and feels well enough to attend social events. The actress, along with her close friend Alla Pugacheva, attended the premiere of Kirill Serebrennikov’s film Tchaikovsky’s Wife, which took place in Riga.

And unlike the Prima Donna, who tried on another blond wig, Vaikule dared to appear before the public with a bold hairstyle – a short bob cut. The singer did not put on a headdress or otherwise disguise herself, but proudly walked among the guests in a colorful yellow summer suit.

Laima Vaikule at the premiere
Laima Vaikule at the premiere

Eyewitnesses who posted footage with the artist on the social network noticed that she had noticeably recovered, but seemed cheerful and cheerful. The celebrity’s hair, apparently, was cut off due to chemotherapy, which she underwent to cope with a recurrence of cancer.

As you know, the pop star faced oncology back in 1991. At that time, the performer of the hit “Vernissage” was in the United States and was undergoing treatment there. The therapy turned out to be successful – the terrible ailment receded, and Vaikule became quite religious.

However, a few months ago it was reported that the singer had a relapse of breast cancer. The artist again flew to the States, but the doctors did not give her optimistic forecasts, so she returned to Latvia. Alla Pugacheva and her family also flew there to support her sick friend.

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