Jun 5, 2022
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Lada Dance spoke about the theft of a child


Singer Lada Dance angered the walking oligarch.

The artist is one of the most famous artists in the country. She began to sing in a restaurant at a young age. She managed to become a real star.

Lada drove men crazy and at the age of 55 continues to look so that they pay attention to her. In the program “The Secret to a Million” she was frank with Lera Kudryavtseva. The singer told how she had an affair with a producer with Leonid Velichkovsky.

He baked cupcakes for her and brought breakfast, but the artist wanted a brutal man next to her. That was exactly what her first husband, Pavel Svirsky, was like for her.

It was to him that Lada went. However, life with a millionaire ceased to be a fairy tale after the wedding. It is noteworthy that she knew that the businessman had financial problems due to default. Then Dance gave birth to a second child. Their son Ilya was born in 1997, and their daughter Elizabeth was born two years later.

I am pregnant. He has parties, betrayals, scandals“, – said the star.

My psyche was completely destroyed. I lost myself as a woman, as a singer” she added.

Lada was upset that her loved one was against her work, forbade her to sing. And the moment of parting happened when for a year they had been quarreling regularly.

Everything has changed. He ruined it himself when he didn’t come to his son’s birthday party. We lived together, rented a house. Ilya was three years old. The guests arrived, but dad was not. I just got drunk and went with a friend, a real friend, to karaoke“, Lada explained.

I needed to take my soul away. I come, and Svirsky is sitting there. He probably thought I was with a lover. He just arrived, packed his things and left. The apartment has already been rented. Maybe he was just looking for a reason. He divorced himself. He got married, and I found out only a few years later. We communicated. And then they tell me that he got married”, — shared the star.

Lada Dance - photo from the archive -
Lada Dance – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

But she had to go through another very difficult moment in her life. While the artist was not at home, the ex-husband stole her son. Then she could hardly control herself.

He gave money to the nanny. She hasn’t worked for me yet. In the morning he came with security, said to collect Ilya. But he did not take little Lisa. She was nine months old. And took him in an unknown direction. I come, or rather my shadow and call him.

He tells me to sign the custody paper that I give up my mother’s rights. I fell to my knees in a puddle. I say, “What do you want? Take everything! Just give me your son!“- said the singer.

He enjoyed this picture. Just enjoyed it”, — shared the artist.

On the advice of friends, Lada let go of the situation. And a month later, the child was returned to her.

They brought him home to me. He was in this Cyprus for a month! The child rested, nothing was said to him. I think this Ira hesitated in this Cyprus. Mom also said that she wants to go home. Where is his child? He has a new life, a new lady. I haven’t spoken to him for many years.“, – said the star.

Lera Kudryavtseva asked if Dance could forgive her ex-husband after so many years of life.

This wound will not heal. He took away all my desire to get married.“, – admitted the heroine of the show.

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