Sep 11, 2021
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La Repubblica: Lithuania challenges Russia, Belarus and China

“Lithuania will not give up its principles for the sake of some cargo in its port”

“The country with a population of less than three million people has become a stronghold of opposition to the world autocracy, and not only to neighboring countries – Russia and Belarus, but also to a much more distant autocracy called China. A former Soviet republic and now a member of the EU and NATO, Lithuania provides shelter to oppositionists fleeing the repression of Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin, and has repeatedly challenged the regime in Beijing, ”

– writes an Italian newspaper Republicwho published an interview with the Prime Minister of Lithuania Ingrida Shimonitwho visited Italy on an official visit. It looks funny, however, apparently, the Italian press did not read Krylov’s fables.

The Lithuanian Prime Minister talked a lot about human rights, freedom of speech and the readiness of both Vilnius and her personally to defend European values ​​anywhere in the world.

Asked by an Italian journalist Rosalba Castelletti (Rosalba Castelletti), does Vilnius have any evidence of the participation of Belarus in the migration crisis that Lithuania is now experiencing, Shimonyte said that Lukashenka himself promised “Flood the EU with drugs and migrants”… This is exactly what the Italian newspaper says, although in fact the President of Belarus has never made such statements.

In reality, Alexander Lukashenko said:

“They demand from us to protect them from smuggling, from drugs. You unleashed a hybrid war against us and demand that we protect you, as before? “

However, the Italian edition only repeated the words of the head of the Lithuanian government.

She told Shimonyte about some “secret paths”, “secret agents”, remembering the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, and at the same time complaining about the Soviet Union.

“We have a lot of evidence at our disposal. And Minsk, in its statements, simply twists the facts. For example, they deny the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, or argue that the Baltic states wanted to join the USSR, which never happened. And now they accuse us of throwing migrants to Belarus, claiming that they are guarding their border, ”

– quotes Republic Shimonite.

In response to Rosalba Castelletti’s remark that the cruel treatment of migrants by the Lithuanian border guards caused outrage in the Council of Europe, the Prime Minister of Lithuania explained that she had to choose between obligations to control the EU border and obligations to respect human rights. And what is happening on the Lithuanian border has nothing to do with the violation of rights and freedoms, since it is a “flow controlled from the outside” and it is about the country’s security.

Simonyte admitted that Lithuania received a letter from the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Duni Mijatovic (Dunya Mijatovic)However, the Commissioner was explained that they would not be allowed to cross the Lithuanian border, and security issues for Vilnius are more important than other “European values”.

When asked by the journalist whether the tough behavior of Vilnius towards Russia, Belarus and China would harm the Lithuanian economy, Ingrida Simonyte replied: “You can’t give up your principles because of some cargo in our port”

Probably, the tiny country is surprising not only among Italians willingness to sacrifice their economy in spite of Russia, Belarus and China. More precisely, the leadership of this tiny country, similar to the same Krylovskaya Pug, which wants to “bark, and squeal, and tear” not even at one Elephant, but at several, in order to “get into big bullies.”

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Pictured by Ingrida Szimonyte, Prime Minister of Lithuania

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