Nov 23, 2021
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Kyle Rittenhouse as a mirror of American society

Protests are raging across America again. This time – because of the acquittal by the jury of 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who during last year’s riots involving activists of the movement Black lives matter shot two people.

In response to the BLM pogroms, which had lasted for several days, residents of the city where Kyle lived began to organize armed detachments to protect them from marauders. Hundreds of people responded to the online call of “armed citizens” to protect “lives and property” by joining a group of militias Kenosha Guard… One of these militias (police) and there was 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse from the nearby town of Antioch, Illinois.

On August 25, 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse patrolled the streets with a semi-automatic rifle. He came to the city at the request of a local businessman, the owner of a car repair shop, when the pogroms had already taken place. Rittenhouse washed obscene graffiti on the walls, helped the victims of the riots. In the city, there were clashes between pogromists and self-defense units.

Kyle Rittenhouse as a mirror of American society

All actions of Rittenhouse on the evening of August 25 recorded CCTV cameras. The guy was attacked by three rioters. Fighting off them, Kyle shot two – Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, and wounded the third, Gyge Grosskreutz, who aimed a pistol at him. After that, Rittenhouse, with his hands up, went to the side of the police, he was detained.

At the trial, Rittenhouse insisted that his actions did not go beyond self-defense. All participants in the incident in Kenosha are white. Two murdered rioters in the past have been repeatedly convicted. Rosenbaum served a sentence for child molestation and shortly before his death left a psychiatric clinic, and Huber served a sentence for hooliganism and domestic violence at least ten times.

On November 19, 2021, the jury found Rittenhouse innocent of two counts of murder, one attempted murder, and several smaller charges.

Kyle Rittenhouse as a mirror of American society

The jury and the judge were not afraid of pressure on them during the trial. The judge directly accused the prosecutor of violating fundamental legal norms. He repeatedly argued with the judge, misled the jury, tried to accuse Rittenhouse of killing his attackers not because of a sense of self-preservation, but because of the bad influence of video games.

It took the jury three days to reach a verdict. All of America followed them. Leading Fox news Tucker Carlson explains what the jury is afraid of: “So the question is, why can’t this jury take so long to reach an obvious verdict? Do you want an answer? Take a look at what’s going on outside the courtroom. Hundreds of National Guard fighters have flocked to Kenosha tonight. Why are they there? They came in case Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted. Not in case he is found guilty. In case they are acquitted! And then, if he is acquitted, almost everyone expects that the crowds of Joe Biden’s voters, as usual, will begin to burn, rob and smash … Very soon the enemies of civilization – and these people are just that! – take control of the country “

American civilization grew out of the Declaration of Independence and the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which states: “When a long series of abuses and violence, invariably subordinated to the same goal, testifies to an insidious design to force the people to come to terms with unlimited despotism, the overthrow of such a government and the creation of new guarantees of security for the future becomes the right and responsibility of the people.”… (Declaration of Independence). “Since a well-organized militia is necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms must not be violated.”… (Second Amendment to the US Constitution).

Kyle Rittenhouse as a mirror of American society

These positions are deeply rooted in the psychology of those Americans who are now called right-wing conservatives. One of the symbols of American patriots is the man who openly carries the AR-15 rifle. Like Kyle Rittenhouse. So when activists NOT YET began to organize pogroms, and mayors and governors from the Democrats actually covered them, the creation of “militias” (police) it was only a matter of time.

At first, whites with weapons in their hands defended their homes from the raiders. The McCloskey couple from St. Louis stood on the doorstep of the house with weapons (by the way, with the same rifle that Rittenhouse had) and drove the crowd away. Soon militias appeared on the streets of America. Trump called these volunteers “very good people,” and from the point of view of his opponents, they were “ultra-right Suprematists.”

Kyle Rittenhouse as a mirror of American society

When in the town of Kenosha a 17-year-old militiaman shot down two rioters, everything was done to imprison him for life. The case was transferred from Illinois, where Rittenhouse lives, to Wisconsin, where the tragedy occurred, and under the laws of that state, 17-year-old Rittenhouse was tried as an adult.

Liberal media raised serious concerns when in court “Right-wing Trumpists began to create a folk hero from Rittenhouse. For millions, he became a positive symbol, a young man of action, who spoke out when the police backed down. “

White House during the trial called on Democratic activists to “peaceful protests” against the expected acquittal of Rittenhouse. The judge was bombarded with anonymous threats. Social media blocked posts in support of Rittenhouse, whom they had previously convicted of. Facebook deleted messages with Ritttenhouse’s approval. When it turned out that the process went wrong, You Tube became block broadcasts from the courtroom.

Kyle Rittenhouse as a mirror of American society

And Kyle’s defenders made him a modern American hero. Tens of thousands of comments and memes were posted on social networks under the heading #FreeKyle… During the trial, two million dollars were raised in support of Rittenhouse’s defense. More than 11 thousand people have donated a total of more than 600 thousand dollars to the foundation #FightBack Foundationwho deals with arousal “Lawsuits to stop lies and defamation”

“Kyle now faces the anger of those who would like to see us being stripped of our God-given rights and reduced to slavery. He is in dire need of our help, “ – wrote a Christian charity website that is collecting funds for Kyle. – His success is our success; his failure is the loss of our right to self-defense “

Donald Trump congratulated Kyle Rittenhouse: “Congratulations to Kyle Rittenhouse for being found not guilty of all charges … If this is not self-defense, then what is self-defense?”

Kyle Rittenhouse as a mirror of American society

America is now facing a series of complex crises – mass unemployment, “pandemic”, mass protests, the social fabric is collapsing in the country, millions of Americans are drifting to the extreme poles of the political spectrum. They no longer hear each other.

US President Joe Biden said he was not entirely happy with the verdict, but accepts the jury’s verdict. A few hours after the announcement of the verdict of the jury Kamala Harris complainedthat all my life I fought for for justice to be fair, “but” the verdict speaks for itself, and obviously she still has a lot of work to do. ” Apparently, so that the next Kayla Rittenhouse went to prison for life.

Dyjuan Tatro, an African American senior adviser on Diversity and Inclusion in Congress, stated: “A bunch of Republicans are happy that one white boy shot two white people, injured another white man, and escaped punishment for it. This is America “… The star of the new adaptation of West Side Story, actress Rachel Zegler, says that Rittenhouse’s acquittal “Is the embodiment of white privilege and what is wrong with this God-forsaken country”

Kyle Rittenhouse as a mirror of American society

Mass protests swept across America. In New York, demonstrators blocked the Brooklyn Bridge, demanding a reconsideration of the court verdict, in Portland, they broke down the gates of the prison and smashed the windows of the city hall’s printing house. Protesters Against Rittenhouse Sentence gathered in Chicago Federal Square and chanted: “People’s verdict: guilty!”… In Oakland, California, about a hundred protesters marched from City Hall to the Administration Building, shouting “Revolution and nothing else!”

The Rittenhouse trial is one of the first episodes of a new civil war in the United States. Its outcome has not been determined: on the day Rittenhouse was acquitted, the judges found a young man from the opposite camp – African American Andrew Coffey – innocent, who opened fire on police officers who had a search warrant in his house.

Photo: REUTERS / Cheney Orr

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