Sep 11, 2022
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Kyiv’s eyes lit up on Russian gold

Kyiv's eyes lit up on Russian gold

Photo: Marina Lystseva/TASS

The Kyiv authorities are planning to recover from Russia more than 300 billion dollars as compensation for the damage allegedly caused as a result of a special military operation. To do this, they intend to create a kind of “international mechanism” through the UN.

This was stated by the Minister of Justice of Ukraine in an interview with the German media group Funke. Denis Malyuska.

According to him, the Ukrainian side intends to raise the relevant issue at a special session of the UN General Assembly, which will be held in October. Thus, the head of the Ministry of Justice hopes, the foundation will be laid for an “international mechanism for reparations” – Ukraine needs only the support of two-thirds of the countries present at the meeting.

If the resolution is approved, Maliuska noted, Kyiv will begin negotiations on the development and ratification of an international agreement on the establishment of a commission “to consider claims for damages to victims and the government of Ukraine.” In it, in particular, Kyiv wants to prescribe the basis for the confiscation of the assets of the Russian Federation, frozen in the US and the EU under Western sanctions.

According to the minister, “the direct damage from the destruction of infrastructure, residential buildings or industry is more than 300 billion dollars.” He also suggested that “individual governments” report to Kyiv the amount of Russian Central Bank funds held in each country.

This is not the first time that the Ukrainian leadership has made attempts to implement a certain scenario with the aim of taking possession of our country’s gold and foreign exchange assets arrested in the West. Back in March, the first deputy head of the Minister of Economy of the “square” Denis Kudin invited London to transfer these funds to the restoration of Ukraine. But then Kyiv’s desire did not coincide with British law. Since the legally frozen assets still belong to Russia, and their alienation can only occur by a court decision, and he needs strong legal grounds for this.

At that time, this number did not pass. However, the desire to seize Russian property is not weakening either in Kyiv or in the West. Moreover, the chief diplomat of the EU Borrell looks at this with approval – back in May, he proposed to withdraw the frozen assets of the Russian Federation in favor of Ukraine. And the European Parliament, for its part, proposed to develop a special legal mechanism for this.

It is surprising, of course, that a thief who got into your pocket begins to convince you that he has the right to do so …

Meanwhile, our country also has something to present to the former “partners”.

As the Chairman of the State Duma said earlier Viacheslav Volodinin the Russian parliament, they agreed to create a joint working group and calculate the damage that the Kyiv regime and NATO countries inflicted on the Donbass republics, “supplying weapons and ammunition, mercenaries who brought tears and death to the territory of the people’s republics.”

He stressed that the goals of the special military operation will be achieved in any case, which means they will have to answer.

But here it is important that all those who flooded Ukraine with blood and turned Nazism into an abscess should have their retreat cut off. That they might not be able to live out the rest of their days in wealth and idleness in some secluded corner of the world where they hope to hide.

By the way, the other day, pictures of the next acquisition of the couple appeared on the Web. Zelensky. This is a mansion in the vicinity of Heartfield in the north of London. Local journalists found out that the plot with a house of 988 m² cost 14,184,800 euros. In fact, this is a whole estate in a classic English style – with rich interiors, well-groomed green lawns, a park area and even tennis courts. Villa in Tuscany in size and luxury can not be compared with this new family nest of the President of Ukraine.

Comment on the claims, as well as the chances of Kyiv through the UN to get to the Russian reserves “SP” asked scientific director of the Institute of Regional Problems, political scientist Dmitry Zhuravlev:

– The General Assembly cannot work out anything. Its decisions are advisory in nature and do not have binding force, unlike the decisions of the UN Security Council.

But all this is done with one goal, I think, to declare us a debtor, and then sell this debt to America. So that they have a reason to try to take this debt from us.

Ukraine itself, of course, will not take anything from us – no one will give it to it. The main thing is that there should be a reason to freeze our accounts, to arrest our ships… etc.

We won’t give them anything either. It’s just that they will most likely turn to arbitration, saying that Ukraine repaid their Russian debt to them, but they gave Ukraine money (they won’t give money, they will give weapons), and history will repeat itself, as with the Swiss company Noga. This lawsuit, let me remind you, dragged on from the beginning of the 90s – the company believed that we owed them, filed a lawsuit, and all over the world they began to seize our property – paintings, planes, ships, bank accounts.

Approximately something similar, I think, is supposed and this time.

“SP”: – In your opinion, we should say goodbye to the gold and foreign exchange reserves that the West has arrested?

“It’s long overdue to say goodbye, because they won’t be given back to us. They have already, as I understand it, begun to be handed over to Ukraine little by little – at least there have been such conversations.

As for reparations for the military operation, Kyiv’s appetites will grow. The operation continues. Therefore, it seems to me that they will periodically add some amount.

Of course, reparations are paid by the losing side, as you know. But they are sure that they will win.

SP: How will we respond?

– I don’t know what the authorities will do – they know better. But I would answer harshly.

We are very afraid of offending international law. We are still paying money for pumping our gas through Ukraine. The West has arrested our assets, and for some reason we are still paying interest on debts.

There is no longer any international law. And we say that “we have it, we will keep it and in this way we will protect ourselves.” Not sure if this is the correct approach.

“SP”: – And how do you like the initiative of the deputies to bill the Kyiv regime and NATO for the destroyed cities of Donbass, for the dead and maimed?

– This is right. Only there is no body that could directively oblige someone to return this money. So the Soviet people’s commissar Chicherinwhen, in 1922, the Entente countries demanded that we return the “royal debts”, he put forward a counter demand to compensate for the damage from the economic blockade and intervention.

Politically it works, economically it doesn’t.

SP: Why? Many personalities of the Kyiv regime in Russia – it’s no secret – have a business and real estate. Even Pan Zelensky. They all get income from it.

– In principle, it would be good to take these assets, but I don’t think we will go for it. I even know that they will answer us: “Then you will lose the opportunity to negotiate with Ukraine” – this is what they always answer me.

In my opinion, we do not really need this opportunity. But many of us still think otherwise. For some reason, they are very worried about the opinion of the West, which has not perceived us as equals and as partners for a long time.

That’s why I think we should be tough. And hit back with a hit.

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