Apr 20, 2022
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Kyiv throws a wide net at those who left the “square”, not wanting to pick up a machine gun

Kyiv throws a wide net at those who left the “square”, not wanting to pick up a machine gun

Photo: Arkhip Vereshchagin/TASS

Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine submitted for consideration a bill on prison terms for men liable for military service who did not return from abroad during the period of mobilization.

These include citizens permanently residing abroad or who left on urgent business during the period of hostilities. The bill provides that such people will be given 15 days to return to their homeland, otherwise they can be imprisoned for a period of five to ten years.

In addition, according to the document, the heads of all government bodies, people’s deputies, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and judges will be subject to mandatory return. Valid reasons for staying abroad are proposed to be a ban on leaving the host country, a business trip, hospital treatment, natural disasters and other circumstances.

I wonder if there are many who want to return? However, today it is problematic to escape, the borders are closed. However, all problems are solvable. For money.

The other day in the Chernivtsi region, two suspects were detained in the illegal transfer of men across the border. According to the investigating authorities, a resident of the village of Boyany and a fellow villager set up an illegal migration scheme. They were caught trying to take a man to Romania, who paid 4.5 thousand dollars for this.

In total, according to the authorities, since the end of February, more than 2.2 thousand men liable for military service have been detained while trying to cross the border …

“This is a bill so far and it’s not a fact that it will be adopted,” he says. political scientist, head of the Open Analytics project Roman Travin.

“But one of the key points is that it concerns not only ordinary people who are subject to mobilization, but also officials and deputies, from the level of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Verkhovna Rada to village councils, as well as judges of all levels, prosecutors, law enforcement officers who should also return to Ukraine. That is, it is also aimed at preventing the mass exodus of people directly related to the management and maintenance of order.

“SP”: – Is everything in the country bad with “cannon fodder”? They are already grabbing people who just went out for bread. What for?

– I don’t think that the scheme “went out for bread, and you were mobilized” is directly actively used. Even if such precedents happen, it is not a mass phenomenon, at least not yet. In Ukraine, mobilization is proceeding, as in other countries, in stages. First of all, those who have experience in military service are called. There is a teroborona. But this is a separate story, the teroboronists differ in their status from military personnel.

“SP”: – Do they really think to intimidate someone? Are many people scared?

– Even the existing restrictions have already led to the fact that it is extremely difficult for men to go abroad. If the law is passed, many will definitely be afraid of the consequences and will definitely not go anywhere, and someone will return, but I don’t think there will be many of them. But it is quite possible to imagine a situation where a number of European states, which have recently become more and more aggressive against Russia, will actively contribute to the mobilization of Ukrainians on their territory.

“SP”: – That is, if a person left a long time ago and lives abroad, Ukraine is already a light bulb for him, should he return and pick up a machine gun? Are there any? By the way, many Ukrainians actively demonstrate their patriotism in a foreign land, attacking Russian speakers. Something they are in no hurry to defend their homeland at home.

– Some details are not yet clear. For example, there are different waves of mobilization. Will people who fall under all waves or only those who fall under the one that is going right at the moment have to return at once? Well, the fact that many, and the most irreconcilable, prefer to “fight in the rear” has long been known.

The same thing happened in the previous eight years, when many Ukrainian “activists” and “patriots” were looking for and enthusiastically nightmare of the disloyal in peaceful cities, but were not at all eager to go to the so-called zone. PEPA, especially during periods of escalation of hostilities.

“SP”: – The parliamentarians proposed to consider a ban on leaving the host country, a business trip, hospital treatment, natural disasters and other circumstances as valid reasons for staying abroad. What does this list say? Will it be expanded? Will it be possible to get under the list for a separate fee?

– It is clear that there can always be some good reasons, some exceptions that do not allow fulfilling the requirements of the law. Their list has been proposed, and new ones may be added to this bill. Will there be attempts to use these loopholes to avoid falling under the law, if it is passed? Of course they will.

“SP”: – They say that in Ukraine, for a fee, you can pay off mobilization and go abroad. Rates go up to several thousand dollars. Where do Ukrainians get such money from?

Corruption exists in absolutely every country. But Ukraine is indeed one of the most corrupt countries in the world. There and in peacetime, almost any issue was easily solved for money. Getting around the law for money has always been much easier there than, for example, in Russia. Moreover, sometimes corruption-intensive laws were actively lobbied by potential beneficiaries of new corruption flows.

In Ukraine, traditionally, as soon as some restrictions arise, options for circumventing them instantly appear. This is what is happening now. As for the amounts, it is clear that not everyone has such money. Moreover, for the past month and a half, many people had to live not on their earnings, but on savings.

But let me remind you once again: Ukraine was a much richer country than it is commonly believed in Russia, and there were also enough people with decent incomes. Actually, they are the main consumers of such corrupt services.

— This offer is a sign of desperation, — doctor of philological sciences, professor, military-political expert Vladimir Sapunov.

– The Ukrainian army, despite bravura statements, is in an extremely difficult situation. The strikes with “Daggers” on military targets showed that no one would joke with them anymore.

The strategy of general mobilization in the very first days proved that the “newly called up” did not know how to fight. This concept only leads to more victims among the “cannon fodder”. But she is very helpful to the Kiev authorities in promoting their ideas.

However, as practice shows, a person who is not militarily trained and decides to shoot will bring more damage to himself and his own side than to the enemy. This is what the destruction of buildings in Kharkov shows at the hands of those who received orders Zelensky MANPADS.

PRZK requires careful training, and in the hands of inexperienced people, this turns into big problems for the civilian population. It is not surprising that there are not so many who want to take part in such “military actions”. This is evidenced by the huge number of men who fled from Ukraine abroad.

This is confirmed by the number of men caught on the streets of Ukrainian cities, who are forced to fight against their will. Information about the defense company covered in the barracks of Kharkov by “Caliber” quickly spread. For the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this is a consumable material and the number of such victims is not particularly interested in them. But it’s not very necessary to plant the runaways. Because they fled not to return. And to try to arrange life in the EU countries. This decision of the Verkhovna Rada in military terms will not help Ukraine in any way and is designed solely for the propaganda effect.

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