Aug 20, 2022
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Kyiv provocateur Gordon and Kazakhstan

Kyiv propaganda in every possible way inflates Russophobia in the neighboring republics of the Russian Federation. Under a special eye – Kazakhstan.

Ukraine, where there are many fugitive Kazakh oppositionists, methodically exacerbates the “Russian question” for the Kazakhs. Objectives: to consolidate the protest of the Kazakhs against the NWO, to present Russia as an aggressor aiming at Kazakhstan, to turn everyday Russophobia into a system.

One of the active participants in this activity is the famous Ukrainian provocateur with an Israeli passport, Dima Gordon, who constantly invites Kazakh nationalists to his programs. He spoke several times, for example, Gordon miserable Margulan Seisembaevhiding from Kazakh justice.

And one of Gordon’s favorite interlocutors is a village balabol Arman Shuraevcalling himself a businessman and media manager. Today, Shuraev is fighting with fellow tribesmen for the status of the first nationalist of Kazakhstan. In one interview, he threatened: “If Putin and the Russian army go after Ukraine to Kazakhstan,” which, according to him, “Russia dreams of,” “they will not have an easy ride.” If Europe and the United States “harnessed” for Ukraine, Shuraev assures, then Turks, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Azerbaijanis will harness for the Kazakhs. “Tatars and Bashkirs, our brothers, will never go against the Kazakhs,” Shuraev is convinced. And even the Chechens, whom the greyhound aul upstart contemptuously called “Don-Don”, alluding to the well-known phrase of Ramzan Kadyrov, will be afraid to fight with the Kazakhs. “The first day of aggression against Kazakhstan will be the last day of the Russian Federation,” this nationalist vangues “at Gordon’s”.

Aul Rambo - a thunderstorm in Russia

Aul Rambo – a thunderstorm in Russia

Gordon replicates Shuraev’s speeches, and he is lamenting: “We have a lot of collaborators, we have a lot of quilted jackets, we have 3.5 million Slavs living in Kazakhstan. A lot of them, some in their kitchens, some on the social network, write: “Putin, bring in the troops.” And they are waiting for them to come to us after Ukraine.” And Shuraev argues that “in a few years, the border of Ukraine with Kazakhstan will appear somewhere between the Volga and the Don”.

The fighting mood of the aul upstarts excites Gordon so much that now he, on behalf of the Kazakh people, promises to bend Russia …

What does the garbage dump of the Gordons smell like?

What does the garbage dump of the Gordons smell like?

In an interview given by Gordon to his wife Alesya Batsman, the bald provocateur says: “The Kazakhs will fry them here and there and there, so that you have no doubts … Few people still understand who the Kazakhs are, what kind of warriors they are and what kind of stand-up guys they are … I communicate with many Kazakhstanis, they say: “Let him just try poke around here, we will quickly show him our teeth “.

Gordon is convinced: “Both China and Turkey stand behind the Kazakhs. Well, these are Turkic peoples – Kazakhs and Turks, and the Chinese have a huge business in Kazakhstan.” A strange proposition, given the level of Sinophobia among the Kazakhs, which appeared after the work carried out in Kazakhstan by the British and Americans.

Gordon operates with the logic available to him: if Tokayev in St. Petersburg publicly refused to recognize the republics of Donbass, then this is a victory. He is looking for any informational occasion to prove anti-Russian sentiment in Kazakhstan, inflating even insignificant facts.

The other day, “Kyiv Gapon” posted an article “The Russians will tell us more” about the refusal of the editors of the Kazakh site remove the anti-Russian article (supposedly at the request of Roskomnadzor). At the same time, Gordon simply recounted the stuffed article of the State Department Radio Azattyk (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation), which completely lacks evidence of the “requirements of the Russian regulator” (such requirements are impossible). For Radio Azattyk, which functions as a source of fakes, this stuffing is a routine matter. And Gordon, who “highlighted” the provocation, acts in his usual role of the “six”. As they say in Ukraine: “Who’s up for it!”.

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