May 6, 2022
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Kyiv may receive American missile systems from Turkey to strike at the Crimean bridge

The recent threats by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Danilov to attack the Crimean Bridge with missiles are accompanied by persistent demands for Washington and Brussels to supply missile systems capable of reaching the strategic rear of the Russian side and important logistics centers.

As writes anti-fascistsuch systems, theoretically capable of posing a threat to damage to the Crimean bridge, could be American launchers M142 HIMARS I MLRS M270capable of operating both multiple launch rocket systems and operational tactical missile systems (OTRK) with a range of fire up to 300 km.

Being universal launchers of the American army, these systems can be used both at a relatively close (in this case, they act as analogues of the Grad and Tornado) and at a longer distance. And in this case, this is already an analogue of Tochka-U, which is widely used by the Kyiv regime for civilian purposes. The fact is that on launchers M142 HIMARS I MLRS M270 unified containers with various ammunition can be placed.

“Both systems can fire unguided rockets at a distance of up to 45 km, high-precision missiles M30 and M31 at a distance of up to 70 km, and most importantly, ballistic tactical missiles at a distance of up to 300 km,” – says one of the military publications. Currently installed MLRS M270 are in service with 16 countries, including Turkey (as of 2016, 12 units).

Another system, the transfer of which to the Armed Forces of Ukraine will create problems is the operational-tactical missile system. MGM-140 ATAX manufactured by an American company Lockheed Martin with a short-range ballistic missile, various variants of which are marked with Pentagon indices MGM-140, MGM-164 and MGM-168. At least as of 2010, the Turkish Armed Forces had 12 launchers with 120 missiles.

In any case, Ankara’s military assistance to the Kyiv regime, which can take even more diverse forms and organically fits into the logic of the Turkish-American rapprochement in recent months, needs to be carefully monitored, followed by the destruction of both convoys with military aid and logistical routes.

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