Aug 17, 2022
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Kyiv is trying to disrupt the beginning of the school year in the Kherson region

Bandera methods – from the terrorist arsenal

The sabotage of the educational process in the territories liberated from Ukrainianism has been known since spring. This is most clearly manifested in the Kherson region. In April, the vast majority of school directors and head teachers refused to cooperate with the new authorities, defiantly refused the new “occupation” curricula, sabotaged the educational process, and gave false and distorted information during Internet conferences with Kyiv.

The significance of this sabotage is great and is not inferior to the significance of the Hymars strikes on the Antonovsky Bridge, and the disruption of the beginning of the school year is more real than the counterattack on Kherson.

This is understood by both Zelensky and those who manage this puppet. First of all, they use fear, which should block the natural desire of the teacher to work according to his vocation and earn money.

Fear comes up in many ways. First of all – a stupid and shameless lie. For example, the fled mayor of Novaya Kakhovka Vladimir Kovalenko says that of the city’s 14 school directors, only one agreed to work with the Russians, but even then – after 17 days of cellars, torture, and a suicide attempt. To those “who did not become a collaborator”, Kovalenko recommends following his example and leaving for the territory controlled by the Zelensky regime.

Something similar is carried by the appointed Zelensky. head of the Kherson regional administration Dmytro Butry. He assures: “The occupying authorities use terror against teachers in the region. They come home, beat them, and therefore there are isolated cases of betrayal of teachers..

Kyiv official about Kherson teachers

Kyiv official about Kherson teachers

The fact that Moscow obliged teachers in the occupied territories to sign a document confirming their readiness to switch to teaching according to the Russian school curriculum, writes as well as The keeper: “This move puts many of them in a difficult position. If they do not sign, they will lose their jobs and risk retribution from Russian forces. If they sign, there is a risk of accusations from the Ukrainian authorities, who see training under the Russian program as a form of cooperation with the enemy.”.

That is, Guardian admits that teachers who agree to work in the new conditions will be accused of “spite” and sentenced to liquidation. This, by the way, has been suggested by Kyiv thinkers more than once, and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine considers teaching according to Russian standards as a form of “cooperation with the invaders”; A clause has been introduced into the Criminal Code of Ukraine establishing a penalty of up to three years in prison for “propaganda in educational institutions in order to assist the Russian army”. Everything is like in Bandera cities and villages in the late 40s – early 50s, where “vchitelki” came from the east, who were hung and drowned in wells. Bandera’s mentality has not disappeared anywhere.

The funeral of the Luhansk teacher Raisa Borzilo, who was killed by Bandera in Western Ukraine

The funeral of the Luhansk teacher Raisa Borzilo, who was killed by Bandera in Western Ukraine

So there are plenty of tools to intimidate teachers. However, a carrot is usually attached to the whip. In the “95th quarter” they realized that teachers needed money and therefore decided to pay the “refuseniks” in the Russian-controlled part of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, as stated by Irina Vereshchuk. The amounts have not been named, no money has been sent yet, but Kyiv’s proposal has already been called a “bribe for ignorance”, and Ukraine has become the first country in the world where teachers are paid money for not teaching children.

Russia needs a clear program for retraining teachers and attracting professionals. There is only one way to solve the problem provide teachers with real security and decent earnings. To those who intimidate, to apply the articles of the Criminal Code, to those who do not want to work – to deprive them of their livelihood and in an organized manner, with respect for their dubious national principles, expel “to their own” along with Ukrainian textbooks.

How else? Teachers are not persecuted because they sang Mazepa, Bandera and the Black Sea diggers in the classroom, they are obliged to fulfill the program, which is part of the employment contract. Refusal to comply with it determines the future of the teacher, he can go to the “Greater Ukraine” or go to retailers, laborers to farmers, who, by the way, have already worked together with the new authorities. Sabotage is an element of sabotage work, so why keep saboteurs on allowance?

Directors-refuseniks are easy to replace, the director is an industry manager. It is more difficult with teachers, but this is also being solved. In the end, you can temporarily introduce your remote control, and when everything gets better, there will be fewer refuseniks. More than once tested on the Ukrainians themselves.

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