Sep 21, 2022
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Kyiv does not justify the hopes of Washington: Biden expected Zelensky to complete a “overwhelm” during the counterstrike

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo: ZumaTASS)

The armed forces of Ukraine during the counteroffensive did not live up to the expectations of Washington and Brussels, in this regard, the rhetoric of the countries of the West and America has changed on the issue of negotiations with Russia, the speaker of the State Duma believes Viacheslav Volodin.

According to him, earlier the United States and Western countries announced the solution of the conflict only on the battlefield – now they say that the issue of resolving the situation depends only on the President of Ukraine. Vladimir Zelensky.

This, according to Volodin, was due to the disappointment of Brussels and Washington in Kyiv’s counteroffensive.

“Zelensky promised victory. The result disappointed Western sponsors,” Volodin said.

In addition, he noted that the internal political situation in America and Europe is forcing officials in these countries to react. Residents began to express their position on the events in Ukraine and began to show that they themselves did not want to pay for the “policy of war in the interests of the oligarchs and Nazis.” On the eve of winter, people cannot help but worry about inflation, rising prices and problems with energy resources.

“We realized that there would be no victory with Zelensky. And they don’t want to bear responsibility for the defeat, ”the head of the Russian parliament emphasized.

It is not very clear who Volodin had in mind? In the United States, for example, after the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region, on the contrary, politicians demand an increase in support for Kyiv, transferring to it, among other things, military aircraft and long-range missiles. A conditional “peace party” is generally impossible there, the Americans have repeatedly made it clear that they are ready for the battle to the “last Ukrainian” and hardly anything can change their mind.

As for Europe, there are different opinions. There are countries that are also ready to fight Russia to the end, to complete victory over it: the Baltic republics, Poland, the Czech Republic.

There are those who want negotiations, but with the condition of preserving the territorial integrity of Ukraine – Germany, France, there are those who are ready for negotiations on any conditions, for example, Hungary.

“Volodin rightly noted that the West is dissatisfied with Ukraine’s counteroffensive,” he said. political scientist, chairman of the CRPO “Center for Political Education” Ivan Mezyuho.

– This is felt even in the tone of one of the last video messages of Vladimir Zelensky, in which he, by and large, justified himself before the Ukrainians (read – the West) for the lull after the events in the Kharkiv region. In other words, Zelensky promised that he would almost take Crimea, but in reality, apart from the temporarily captured settlements in the Kharkiv region, he has nothing to present as a “victory” to either the radical Ukrainians or the West. But neither one nor the other, such a volume of “victory” does not suit.

“SP”: Did the West really have high hopes for Ukraine’s counteroffensive? What, did they expect that they would reach Belgorod and Rostov?
– I would put the question a little differently: rather, the Zelensky regime encouraged the West to believe that its counter-offensive would be significant, and not limited to the capture of Balakliya and Izyum. Analyzing the official reports about the special operation, it seems to me that Zelensky, to a greater extent, expected to break into the Kherson region and recapture the actual land corridor to Crimea from Russia. It didn’t work out. He put hundreds of lives of his soldiers on the chopping block, used up ammunition, lost weapons. Naturally, the West is not happy.

“SP”: — And now what? Will they give less money and weapons?

— The consequences for Zelensky may be as follows. The West knows how to count money, and now the comedian in politics needs to come up with a plan for a convincing “counter-offensive 2.0.” To encourage the US to shell out for a new batch of military and financial aid. By the way, it’s not really known what’s going on with the Ukrainian Lend-Lease.

“SP”: – According to Volodin, earlier the United States and Western countries announced the solution of the conflict only on the battlefield – now they say that the issue of resolving the situation depends only on Zelensky. Is everyone talking straight? In your opinion, who in the West represents the “party of war to the end” and who is the “party of peace”? How many “hawks” are ready to go to the camp of “doves”?

– If we talk about the current state of affairs, then the “party of war” in the West wins the “party of peace”. “Hawks” in the White House, conditional (underline this word) “doves” in opposition Biden within the USA, as well as in a number of EU countries (Hungary, Greece etc.).

“SP”: What needs to happen for the West to finally stop supporting Ukraine?

– When the special operation acquires greater momentum and the Ukrainian fortified areas in the Donbas are destroyed, then the West will begin to actively promote the topic of negotiations and, in the end, by limiting the financing of the Kyiv regime, will encourage it to negotiate with Russia.

“Yes, no one or almost no one has changed his rhetoric,” says Associate Professor of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Gevorg Mirzayan.

– At least, there are no such statements in the public space. The general position does not change. The West speaks of its intention to support Ukraine to the last Ukrainian, and if Kyiv wants to conclude a peace agreement with Moscow, it will depend on Kyiv itself. Quite a reasonable official position. Yes, we see the emergence of some other positions, for example, talk about the inevitable collapse of Ukraine, but still, in general, the position of the West has not changed yet.

“SP”: Did you really have any hopes for a counteroffensive? And now not? So what?

– Again, while we are not talking about the termination of support. Moreover, the United States is adopting a multi-year long-term plan to rearm Ukraine. Now there is talk of supplying Ukraine with increasingly heavy weapons systems. And the Ukrainian counteroffensive has not ended, because Kyiv still expects to reach Kherson and is preparing troops for this.

“SP”: – We can talk about the termination of support only when the Russian army inflicts a significant defeat on the Ukrainian armed forces. They say that the domestic political situation in America and Europe is forcing officials in these countries to react. They predict that Europe will freeze, the Europeans will take to the streets. Well, they’re out, but what’s next?

– They come out, and they come out with pro-Russian rallies. And the closer winter comes, the more these performances will be. In addition, we need to wait for the results of the elections in Italy and see how they ended up for the government, which took a hard line on sanctions against Russia, contrary to the opinion of its citizens. Perhaps the Italian example will become a different science. You need to understand that Europe still consists of democracies, and the discontent of the population is directly reflected in the election results.

“SP”: – What countries, in your opinion, can really weaken support for Kyiv? What must happen for this to happen?

Everything will depend on the internal political situations in these countries. No one will tell you the exact list yet, probably it will include Italy, Germany, and of course Hungary. But, once again, the exact list will be formed depending on the degree of population fatigue from the current situation.

“SP”: – Does the United States have tools that can force everyone to continue supporting Ukraine? Are they in control? At what point can Europe sue for peace so insistently that Washington can do nothing? What critical mass of countries is needed for this?

– The United States certainly controls Europe, but the degree of this control may change depending on the domestic political situation in the United States and Europe itself. It is possible that economic problems in the EU countries will lead to a weakening of American control, and to greater independence of Europe in terms of relations with Moscow.

However, this still requires the presence of European leaders who can defend the interests of their countries before everyone, even before the Americans. There are practically no such leaders in Europe now.

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