May 7, 2022
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Kyiv demands reparations from Russia for the cities destroyed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo: ZumaTASS)

Restoring the territorial integrity of Ukraine is the “number one task” for the country’s leadership. Such a goal is the president of the “Square” Vladimir Zelensky voiced in a video message to the participants of the meeting of executive directors, organized by The Wall Street Journal.

In this regard, Russia, in his opinion, should return to the “borders until February 24”, as well as “return” the Crimea.

At the same time, Zelensky does not believe in peace negotiations. But he is waiting for some special statement from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. And he is already making plans for the restoration of the country after the end of hostilities, which, he believes, should be done by both Russia and European states.

After all, Ukraine is “fighting for the whole of Europe,” he reminded the audience.

“In this sense, I am convinced that the whole of Europe should understand this and help restore our country, our industry, and, of course, come to our market,” Zelensky said, promising Western business the most favorable working conditions.

He estimated the cost of restoring Ukraine at approximately $600 billion. But he expects to receive them from Russia as reparations. And he even allegedly receives “corresponding signals from Western countries” on this score.

What kind of “signals” remained behind the scenes. But it is worth saying that Kyiv has repeatedly tried to impose on Russia the obligation to pay for the enterprises and infrastructure of cities destroyed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Plans to collect reparations for the Donbass and Crimea are outlined, for example, in the “Strategy for Foreign Policy of Ukraine”, adopted a year ago by the government of the “Square”. True, at that time the claims were more modest – 10 billion euros.

Now they have grown. And the topic itself has become even more relevant for the Kyiv regime.

You can recall, for example, how in early March of this year. the Ukrainian leader, in one of his many video speeches, tried to teach Moscow “new words” – “indemnity” and “reparation”. This is allegedly what she will have to pay to Ukraine to “compensate for damage.”

“We will restore every house, every street, every city, and we say to Russia: learn the word ‘reparations’ and ‘contributions’, you will compensate everything that you have done against our country, against every Ukrainian in full,” Zelensky said at the time.

Speech, of course, pathos. That’s just the facts and the logic of events, it does not fit. Since the blame for the destroyed cities lies precisely with the Kiev regime – with its armed forces and nationalist battalions. For the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics, this has been true for eight years now. And now it is confirmed by residents of other liberated cities of Donbass.

Again, Zelensky himself and his clique, as it is now becoming clear to many, are not going to link their future with Ukraine. The president and members of his family now have British citizenship, the Nezygar Telegram channel writes. Also, by the decision of the British government, the citizenship of the United Kingdom was given to the head of the Zelensky Office Andrey Ermakhis adviser Mikhail Podolyaka and all their households. As reported, a number of employees of the General Staff of Ukraine and the SBU are still waiting.

To comment on the fantasies and plans of the Ukrainian president, “SP” asked Deputy Head of the International Council of Russian Compatriots, former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Vadim Kolesnichenko:

– There was a character in the history of Ancient Greece – his name was Herostratus. To become famous, he burned the most beautiful temple of Artemis, one of the wonders of the world. And, indeed, two thousand years later, he is still remembered, but not as a creator, but as a vandal-destroyer.

Zelensky was recently ranked among the 100 most influential people in the world by The Times magazine. Well, this makes him “honor” – he could well be in the same “company” with Herostratus. Essentially, they are the same. And history will remember both as destroyers of something global.

This is about Zelensky’s “herostratism”, which actually destroyed the whole country.

They say that history does not forgive mistakes. And Zelensky was a rather weak student. He should learn from Vladimir Putin. You don’t even have to meet. Before starting a special military operation, the Russian president explained everything. He told once again about how Ukraine was created.

But the Ukrainian leader, apparently, is weak in the head if he wants to restore historical borders. Because it means the complete destruction from the map of the territory, which today is called “Ukraine”. After all, before the Soviet Union there was no such state – Ukraine.

Alas, the “semolina porridge” in Zelensky’s head has already brought a lot of grief and, unfortunately, will bring even more.

Minister Lavrov not just saying that the statements of this man should not be taken seriously, since his point of view depends on what he drinks and what he smokes at the moment.

“SP”: – But is it only from this?

– I would add that his direct curators in Washington and London also play a significant role here. Zelensky’s monologues, at any rate, are clearly written by his puppeteers in Britain.

Now there is a discussion of the future of a large consortium for cutting money. This is such a “bank for good people”, which the guys in the West decided to play for themselves. And where should our “frozen” assets go – more than 300 billion dollars that they stole from Russia.

Naturally, in this bank, first of all, there will be “respectable people” from the USA and Great Britain. We are not even talking about Ukraine – the question is not in it. Moreover, Ukraine in its current form will soon be gone. The question is that this money will be divided by who will bank.

“SP”: – Then what kind of “reparations” is Zelensky talking about?

– Actually, reparations are money and property, i.e. what the losing party pays to the winner as compensation for damages.

But for this Kyiv must win. And in this case, it is not clear: if Zelensky wants to destroy Ukraine, then who should defeat Russia. Isn’t the USA together with England?

That is, the flawed logic of the Ukrainian president is obvious.

As for negotiations, the Ukrainian side, which is controlled by Western puppeteers, does not show goodwill, moreover, it now categorically refuses any dialogue. And disavows even earlier agreements.

There is only one conclusion here – these are incapable of negotiating subjects with whom there is simply no point in talking about something.

As long as Zelensky is alive, this must be emphasized. Because in Ukraine, as far as I understand, there are enough people who hate him for the fact that he broke their blue dream of “a hut by a lake.” That is, it is not the Russian army that he needs to fear, but his environment, those whom he left with nothing.

I can only sympathize with this man – his ending will not be heroic at all. How did you finish Hitlereveryone knows.

I think no one in the West wants Zelensky, bored without his powders, to suddenly start talking too much. In fact, the West does not need it. He is used as long as he does what is required of him. Then he will be “left”.

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