Sep 18, 2022
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Kyiv creative: You don’t want to be cannon fodder – $350 and you’re free

Kyiv creative: You don't want to be cannon fodder - $350 and free

Photo: AP/TASS

The Parliament of Ukraine has figured out how to close the gaps in the budget, and at the same time enable part of the country’s male population to legally avoid the fate of untimely “graveyard”. If you don’t want to fight, make a commitment to transfer a certain amount every month for the needs of the army. And you can walk in all four directions!

The bill on “payback”, the idea of ​​which, by the way, was born in the bowels of the pro-presidential faction “Servants of the People”, has already been registered in the Verkhovna Rada under number 8029, Ukrainian media report.

But the authors of the initiative, as can be understood from the explanatory note to the document, are not so much concerned about the colossal losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (it is strictly forbidden to talk about this), but about the high unemployment rate in Ukraine – 35%. Therefore, they believe that it would be reasonable for everyone who wants to work in the home front and abroad “to work for the country’s economy (and hence the defense capability)” to provide such an opportunity. This supposedly will not only solve the problem of employment, but also replenish the state budget.

Now the borders of the independent for almost all categories of males liable for military service between the ages of 18 and 60 are blocked – martial law prohibits them from leaving the country, which has been extended until the end of November. But if the new document is adopted, then it will be possible to get the right to leave and refuse to be sent to the front quite officially. That is, it will not be necessary, fleeing from mobilization, to cross the border secretly, according to the method Ostap Bender (not to be confused with Bandera), bribing border guards or looking for other secret ways, risking a five-year sentence (if caught) for draft evasion.

You just need to transfer to one of the state-owned banks in Ukraine an amount equal to five living wages – 13,000 hryvnia (about $ 350) – as a guaranteed contribution. Of these funds, an amount equal to taxes on the minimum wage (about UAH 2,700) will be monthly transferred to the account of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. True, for those wishing to leave, you also need to write a receipt stating that you voluntarily undertake to replenish this account during your stay abroad. Moreover, during the entire period of martial law in Ukraine.

Documentary confirmation of these conditions will be required later when returning back.

I must say that 13,000 is, of course, a significant amount, but it cannot be compared with 200,000 – for such a pledge, the Ukrainian government previously offered to release male business representatives on business trips abroad. But only those companies where the average salary is not lower than 20 thousand, there are no tax debts, and for a period of not more than seven days. UAH 200,000 previously transferred to an escrow account in Oschadbank was promised to be returned after returning from a business trip. If you violate the conditions, the pledge will go to the needs of the Ministry of Defense.

This scheme was to be launched on September 1st. Only the people did not like it very much, and the Cabinet of Ministers is still delaying the signing of the relevant resolution.

To comment on the schemes proposed in Kyiv for legal avoidance of mobilization, “SP” asked Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Oleinik:

– It seems that the deputies have lost touch with reality. Or, indeed, they are going to wage war to the last Ukrainian – a poor Ukrainian. Most people there just don’t have the money to buy their lives for that kind of money. 13 thousand hryvnias is a serious amount, and few people can afford to make contributions of this size. It turns out that there is no money – he must die. But this is quite cannibalistic.

There is a Constitution that provides for the equality of all citizens before the state. And if you, the authorities, have declared martial law, then there is such a thing as “general mobilization.” And they introduce “property qualification”.

And the point, I think, is not at all about unemployment, which supposedly worries someone very much. They are pushing for their children a legal opportunity not to get to the front for a certain amount. For them – people who are quite wealthy – 13 thousand is a penny.

It is impossible to substantiate this initiative in any other way.

But if the obligations are not fulfilled, how can a person be forced? Well, he does not deduct the due amount to this account. That they will send a police squad there or put him on the wanted list? Unclear…

Maybe he is not going to return to Ukraine.

That is complete nonsense. But at the heart of all this is a very cynical principle: “the poor will die, and the rich will enjoy life somewhere in Europe.”

Again, the corruption component is nowhere without it. It is in Ukraine and now exists under different species. If you want, say, to hide from mobilization, buy yourself documents of a student of some Polish university, for example. Or a sailor of some foreign company. Their last time there got divorced – horror is simple.

One thing is invariable – the poor have nothing left but to perish. By the way, those Ukrainians who are lucky to find a job abroad are also not paid big money.

“SP”: – Haven’t the local oligarchs taken their families to Europe yet? Poroshenko, whose eldest sons are subject to conscription, did this a long time ago, as far as is known…

“The super-rich did it a long time ago. But MPs are not billionaires. These are people with an average, let’s say, income, and they also think about their sons. Therefore, they offer their “payback”.

We all remember how rascal Poroshenkosplashing with saliva, in 2014 he shouted to Donbass: “Your children will sit in basements, and ours will go to school.”

Today in Kyiv they are sitting in basements. Where are his sons? And they are in London. This is the whole rotten philosophy of Poroshenko and his ilk. They save their own children, but they do not care about strangers. Basically, they don’t care about people.

It is clear that if the question is whether to pay 13 thousand or go to the trenches, then it is better to pay and leave. And to whom will you give summons?

Next year they propose a budget of 2 trillion. 500 billion hryvnias, and of this amount, they plan to allocate 1.2 trillion for the war. — i.e. half. At the same time, all social payments and subsidies are either cut or canceled altogether. How people will pay for heating, water and gas, they do not care. And whether all this will be in the homes of Ukrainians in the coming winter is a big question.

A country that spends 50% on war and has no income is bankrupt. What the West gives, it gives not for development, but for war. And if the West does not give tomorrow?

Zelensky and his camarilla, of course, will not suffer – everyone has a couple of alternate airfields there, and they do not need to pay anything for leaving.

Vladimir Alexandrovich himself, as I understand it, is oriented towards London. He has a special relationship with Boris Johnson were, and there he will be fine. America is bad. In the United States, a criminal case has been opened against Kolomoiskyand in the scheme by which he withdrew money, an episode was registered about the withdrawal of 41 million dollars through Zelensky’s firms. Therefore, he will be uncomfortable there, where the judicial system can work so unexpectedly that “dear mother!”.

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