Apr 20, 2022
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Kyiv angry at Ankara for invading Iraq

Kyiv angry at Ankara for invading Iraq

Photo: AP/TASS

According to insiders of the office of the president (OP) Zelenskythe Kyiv regime is seriously concerned about the decline in Western public interest in the conflict in Ukraine. The media workers of the OP and the centers of psychological operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are working closely on new “information occasions” that should keep “Europe and America” in an anti-Russian tone. It is terrible to imagine what terrible fantasies are born in the inflamed brain of those who are independent, who believe that all means are good to win.

The fact is that Morning Consult, the largest analytical company in the United States, conducted a survey on the subject of economic pressure on Russia in a number of EU countries and Turkey. It turned out that those who are “for anti-Russian sanctions, even if they lead to higher prices”, are fewer everywhere than those who think primarily about themselves. Among the Turks, the true enemies of Russia are 15%, among the Italians – 26%, among the French – 28%, among the Germans – 43%.

According to Morning Consult, “these sentiments with further inflation growth will have an increasing impact on politicians,” in the sense of easing anti-Russian sanctions. This is so obvious that Brussels refused to consider imposing an embargo on Russian oil before the French elections. European bureaucrats fear that they will win Le Penostensibly pro-Putin candidate.

And here is another phobia of the Kiev regime. ArestovichThe Acting Yellow-Blakyt Propaganda Minister was shocked to learn that on April 12, on the Brooklyn subway, a shooter on a train put on a gas mask, threw two smoke bombs, and opened fire with a Glock 17 pistol.

No, it’s not about the victims of the massacre. They don’t give a damn about them, the fear just appeared that this terrorist attack would become top news in the West, and the Ukrainian crisis would situationally go by the wayside in the mainstream star-striped press.

“As we know, for the OP, this is one of the biggest threats. Therefore, they are now thinking about how to regain the attention of the Western press and keep interest in the Ukrainian crisis as long as possible, ”sources close to Zelensky wrote almost in unison. Later, it turned out that the media workers of “Ze” and Co. managed in vain: across the ocean, massacres have long become the norm. In short, it passed.

“Without heating up interest in the Ukrainian crisis, we will lose relevance, and in many countries the internal agenda and the global economic crisis will win, plus food and resource shortages,” concluded the Kyiv Internet resource First. It is no coincidence that Zelensky spends more time with media people than with the generals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “Quarters” are concerned not so much with the Mariupol cauldron as with information bombs. It seems that they overdid it with their horror stories about “Russian barbarians” at 11 Bankovaya (address of the OP).

So, after more than 50 days since the beginning of the special operation, only the main mouthpieces of the Democrats, such as CNN and the New York Times, continue to whip up hysteria around “Russian aggression”, however, not as pro-Ukrainian as before. In particular, the NYT reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked their own village of Gusarovka with prohibited cluster munitions.

This is surprising because the Yankees always had the “Russians” automatically to blame. And now it is “definitely disturbing to hear that there is evidence that Ukraine may have used cluster munitions in this current conflict,” she said. Mary WarehamDirector of Advocacy for Arms at Human Rights Watch.

This remark shows that on the information front, the Kyiv regime misses blows, despite the unconditional support of the West. But now, according to many experts, there is an increase in Western indifference to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

According to the Google Trends resource, which tracks the most read topics in the world, interest in Ukraine in the United States has declined significantly and is 11% of the peak. “This is very bad news for the OP,” says blogger @legitimniy, for example.

According to Zhovto-Blakit telegram channels, “Ze” and Co. fear most of all not losses at the fronts, but resonant external events that could overshadow the “square”.

However, it is premature to say that the Ukrainian agenda is disappearing from US television news. But it is already felt that many Americans and Europeans have formed a purely “sporting interest” in the special operation, and the feeling of compassion for the supporters of independence has gone. The Yankees, the Brits and all the Germans are just curious to watch real fights online, like, for example, a football tournament.

And now, according to the information that comes today from Kyiv, the defender of independence No. 1 said separately “thank you” to the Turks that they decided to blur the information background around the Ukrainian crisis and launched an invasion of northern Iraq. The head of the Foreign Ministry of the “square” held emergency consultations on the subject of stopping this informational occasion. The Presidential Office also panicked because of the fear that Zelensky would be forgotten: he simply would not survive this drama.

And yet, the news about Turkey’s invasion of northern Iraq will probably not kill the picture from the “square”. Nevertheless, this newsbreak raises a difficult question for Kyiv and its curators from Washington and Brussels, but what, in fact, is the difference? By and large, the reason Erdogan to attack Iraqi Kurdistan, somewhat similar to the reasons for the special operation in Ukraine. If anything, Ankara claims it wants to demilitarize the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants, who have crossed a red line, according to “talking Janissaries”. In this regard, the “independent” asks: “I wonder if sanctions will be imposed against Turkey and protests will be organized? Or is it a “good operation”? Here is a clear example of the “world double standards”.

In short, Turkey regularly demilitarizes the Kurds of northern Iraq, where the PKK maintains military bases and training camps. We are talking about the Sinjar region and the mountainous border with Turkey, where Ankara has already carried out the Tiger Claw and Eagle Claw operations. There is no point in looking for right and wrong here. This conflict is old and unlikely to have a peaceful solution. It can only be compared with the Israeli-Palestinian, or Serbo-Croatian.

Ankara says the government of unrecognized Kurdistan has an uneasy relationship with the PKK, whose presence is complicating northern Iraq’s lucrative trade links with Turkey. If we recall the previous attacks of the Turkish army on these areas, they always led to exacerbations between Ankara and Baghdad. The Iraqis have traditionally accused Turkey of violating the country’s territorial integrity, but not this time, the Qatari news agency Al Jazeera writes.

Perhaps the Iraqi reaction will be later, but it is obvious that the Americans are trying their best to save the “Ukrainian agenda” as a priority in the Western media space. One thing is clear: the people of the community have elected a narcissist to power, for whom flashing on Western TV is much more important than ordinary Ukrainian guys who give their lives for the media victory of Ze and Co.

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