Jun 3, 2022
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Kushanashvili shocked by the voice of Valery Meladze


Singer Valery Meladze decided to end his career.

At the end of May, Valery Meladze announced his retirement from show business. The musician said that he would return to scientific activity (before his popularity, he was engaged in water purification). What reasons prompted the singer to make such a decision – emotions, hopelessness, fatigue?

Otar Kushanashvili sometimes calls up Valery. According to the journalist, things are not going well with the musician, because he was left without a stable income.

Now Meladze’s career resembles a trace from a stone that has collapsed into dark water. Valera, who sang about love best of all, sits at home and says “there is no work and, most likely, there will not be. I’m going back to my first job.” When I heard his voice on the phone, I almost burst into tears.“, – said 51-year-old Kushanashvili in his show “What?!” on YouTube.

Valery Meladze - photo from the archive -
Valery Meladze – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The host empathizes with the singer, as he always treated him with respect. Otar generally admires the work of the Meladze brothers.

Two months ago, Valery Meladze was ready to perform at private parties. What has changed is unclear… whether the 56-year-old performer is not invited to events, or whether he really decided to immerse himself in science.

Reflections in my free time led me to the idea of ​​returning to my former profession. After the institute, I graduated from graduate school and was engaged in science in the field of deep water purification. Recently, after leafing through my Ph.D. thesis and studying modern achievements in this field, I have developed an installation for extracting various elements of the periodic table from sea water.

This is a very promising direction. A new goal inspires me, it causes creative excitement. Music remains my favorite thing, although I have lost all interest in show business. For me, song formats, the number of rotations on radio stations, and participation in filming on TV channels have ceased to matter. I know for sure that my songs have been living for a long time and will live their lives for a long time thanks to my listeners”, Valery shared his plans for life.

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