May 12, 2022
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Kurban Omarov showed his new girlfriend

Since Kurban Omarov divorced Ksenia Borodina, he has been constantly promoting the topic of his new relationship on social networks.

True, he does all this with a banter, so that when exposed, you can always say that this is a joke.

At first, he, as it were, twisted, with the former girlfriend of the current boyfriend Borodina, Violetta Parshina. And then he actively hinted at an affair with Anastasia Kudryashova, who, however, noticed that he, in fact, had no one now.

And now Kurban shared a photo with a girl whom he congratulated on her birthday. True, he covered his girlfriend’s face with a smiley face. Well, so what, real girlfriend or banter again?

Kurban Omarov showed his new girlfriend

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