Sep 9, 2021
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Kurban Omarov responded to Borodina rumors of treason

The man published a comic video, but did not deny the fact of betrayal.

Ksenia Borodina and her ex-husband Kurban Omarov Photo collage:

After the scandalous discord, Borodina wrote a post about how bad it is to “take someone else’s”. The fans decided that she was talking about jewelry, but no – Ksenia intentionally indicated that she was talking about people. She added that she recently learned about the events of the past and she wanted to “puke” from it. It is not difficult to guess that she is talking about her husband’s infidelity.

Kurban Omarov quickly reacted to the gossip. I shared a funny video of sitting in a towel next to a half-naked woman.

Then a girl came up to the car and shouted: “Cheater! Dog! We knew it! Omarov replied: “Look, they didn’t even give a reason.”

The ex-husband of Borodina is ironic about the topic of betrayal, but does not refute them. Apparently, this is not painful for him. Rumors about Omarov’s betrayals haunted him during the entire period of his relationship with Borodina. There is no smoke without fire.

Followers ask themselves: with whom did Kurban Omarov cheat on Borodina in 2021? From the latest news, it follows that his ex-wife has become a “stumbling block”. They are “like two drops” similar to the TV presenter. This is confirmed by the fact that the businessman almost immediately after the breakup began to upload photos with the woman. The information has not been officially confirmed.

This summer, the businessman met at a restaurant with Tata Blumenkrantz. They were discussing a business project. Instadiva denied speculation that it was a date. But Xenia managed to insult the girl.

Ksenia quickly moved away from the gap. She was filmed with Grisha Eric. Fans discussed that Kurban himself caught her cheating.

The divorce trial took place on August 6, 2021. They discussed on the network – Borodina rewrote the joint house in the Moscow region to her parents. Mom Borodina always spoke about Omarov only in a positive way.

Kurban Omarov with his daughter Teona Photo:

5-year-old Teona lives with her mother, and Omarov became a “weekend dad”. Judging by the latest news, the blogger often takes the child on vacation and travel.

Olga Dobrotvorskaya

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