Oct 12, 2020
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Kudrin spoke about the attempt that was being prepared on him in the mid-2000s

The Chairman of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin spoke about the attempt on his life, which was being prepared on him in 2005-2006. Then he worked as a deputy prime minister in the government.

Like Kudrin told in an interview with TASS, he usually went without protection. However, after information from the special services, which obtained the plan of the crime, President Vladimir Putin ordered that FSO officers be assigned to the Deputy Prime Minister. Presumably, the murder was being prepared due to the fact that Kudrin refused benefits to a private company, which at one time received resources from the state budget and was supposed to return them.

I perceived everything as an ordinary, ordinary story: at that moment we were reviewing a lot of decisions made in the 1990s by previous ministers and deputy prime ministers. They basically cleaned the old tails, and I could not assume that someone is capable of extreme steps- he said.

In March 2002, information appeared in the Russian media that threats were being made to Kudrin and that a personal guard was assigned to him.

Also in this interview, Kudrin admitted that with President Vladimir Putin, they sometimes speak "you". According to him, this happens when discussing everyday situations in private and not necessarily at work. He also called the rumors a legend that he and Putin, after moving to Moscow, lived in the same dacha, wrote.

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