Jan 7, 2022
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Ksenia Sobchak spoke about the riots in Kazakhstan


Ksenia Sobchak expressed her point of view on the conflicts in the country.

Riots broke out in Kazakhstan yesterday over the decision of the country’s current government to double gas prices since January 1. People started to take to the streets to protest, but eventually the action spiraled out of control. In large cities, they began to seize strategic objects, looters began to attack shops. An emergency has been declared in the country.

Journalist Ksenia Sobchak could not remain silent about what was happening due to her profession. According to rumors, even someone from her team is working at the epicenter of events. In her blog, Ksenia Anatolyevna published a long post on the topic of the unrest in Kazakhstan. “Will be worse“, – with this disappointing forecast the presenter began her speech.

Ksenia Sobchak
Ksenia Sobchak

Sobchak is confident that what was happening was inevitable due to the behavior of Nazarbayev and his successor. She recalled last year’s protests in Belarus, and also interviewed an opposition politician in Kazakhstan. “The picture of the fall of an empire, some kind of stable conservative system that collapses in one second, is mesmerizing. I’m not for, of course, I’m sharply opposed. But I look from the side and I can’t look away, “- said Ksenia. The journalist also gave an assessment of the possible consequences of what is happening for Russia.

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