Aug 10, 2022
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Ksenia Sobchak showed her son and stepdaughter an empty Versailles


TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak took her son and daughter Bogomolov to the former residence of the French kings.

40-year-old Ksenia Sobchak, after a relaxing holiday in a villa in Italy, where she exclusively sunbathed in a deck chair, moved to Paris with her husband Konstantin Bogomolov, 5-year-old son Plato from Maxim Vitorgan and the daughter of the director from Daria Moroz. Despite the fact that in the French capital there is a suffocating heat (above 30 degrees), the TV presenter does not deny herself the pleasure of visiting local attractions.

So, the journalist took Plato and Anya to Versailles, the former residence of the kings. Ksenia was lucky, and they were practically alone in the palace, so they were able to calmly admire its splendor.

Of course, seeing an empty Versailles is very cool! I really liked how the French still boldly combine modernity and antiquity. In the main hall there is a huge super modern chandelier made by Swarovski especially for this space. Respect”, — admired the TV presenter.

But the children of the star couple probably were not so enthusiastic about the excursion, with much more enthusiasm they had fun in the amusement park, where they recently visited with Sobchak and Bogomolov.

The journalist admitted that the first thing she did was take her son and stepdaughter to Disneyland, but first she decided to play a little prank on them and said that they were going to the museum. What was Plato’s happiness when he saw the familiar turrets of the entrance to the park. The boy was so inspired that he even expressed a desire to die in Disneyland.

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