Aug 7, 2022
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Ksenia Sobchak ran into a pervert


Presenter and journalist Ksenia Sobchak told what the man doomed her to.

The businesswoman spends a family vacation with her husband Konstantin Bogomolov, son from Maxim Vitorgan Platon and stepdaughter Anna Moroz. The family spent several warm days in Italian Sardinia, and now they have moved to Paris.

Ksenia Sobchak - photo from the archive -
Ksenia Sobchak – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Naturally, we decided to see the Eiffel Tower, asking the concierge to buy tickets for them. Judging by the consequences of this request, Ksenia Sobchak forgot to specify exactly how she wants to visit the main French attraction, and the worker was guided by her own taste. Which is what I ended up getting.

The foolish concierge bought the tickets for the walk up to the tower. On foot. No lift. There are 325 steps in total. Plato courageously reached the first floor, and said: “Mom, buy an elevator next time.” And now I have stone buttocks. The concierge is a pervert”, Sobchak complained in her telegram.

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