Oct 17, 2020
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Ksenia Sobchak made fun of her hairstyle, mentioning the comparison with a horse

12:55, 17.10.

The TV presenter remembered how in her youth they called standing on end bangs.

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38-year-old Ksenia Sobchak treats her appearance with a fair amount of self-irony. She noted that, unlike many stars, she does not abuse photoshop when posting photos on her microblog on Instagram. The TV presenter emphasized that she loves herself for who she is and does not hide her face. According to the star, appearance has never prevented her from seeking her, including male attention.

Today Ksenia Sobchak made fun of her hairstyle, remembering how such a styling was called in her youth. “In my teenage years this hairstyle, with bangs on end, was called 'the horse wants to poop.' Do you have any wishes on this beautiful autumn day? " - noted the TV personality in her microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged - Prim. row.).

Sobchak compared her bangs to a horse in a spicy state

It is noteworthy that her husband, director Konstantin Bogomolov, touchingly called his wife his life and happiness, confessing his love. By the way, Ksenia has repeatedly noted that in her husband she is attracted not only by his appearance and talent, but also by his powerful intellect. The couple often posts compliments to each other on their Instagram microblogs. For example, the director admired Ksenia's work in his TV series The Good Man. The TV presenter admitted that she had never played so talentedly as in her husband's film, despite the fact that there are already 59 films in her filmography.

At the same time, Sobchak complained that she was jealous of her talented husband even of her partners on the set. The TV presenter complained that it was hard for her to watch Bogomolov kissing another woman. Moreover, Ksenia understood that this was only for filming: in the TV series "Crazy", where Konstantin plays the main role, he needed to show a kiss with another actress.

Konstantin Bogomolov considers his wife his happiness

We will remind, recently there was a rumor that Ksenia Sobchak contracted the coronavirus. This was reported by the heroine of her program "Beware, Sobchak!", Who complained of malaise and suspected the host of the show that she had brought COVID-19 to her. Ksenia did not refute this information, but hastened to ridicule it. The TV presenter said that due to a shortage of news, the media are picking up dubious sensations, like rumors about her infection with the coronavirus and alleged pregnancy. Tonight, Sobchak posted a video where she is perky dancing in a full nightclub in a dress slipping off her shoulder without a mask and observing social distance. “So ... There was clarity about registration at events a la 'the children of revelry,'” Sobchak indicated her pastime.

Ksenia Sobchak, amid rumors of coronavirus infection, spends time in a nightclub

Despite the ridicule of curiosity about her personal life, Ksenia Sobchak is not averse to looking into someone else's. Yesterday, the ex-presenter of “House-2” decided to spoil the family idyll of Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov against the background of rumors about the affair of the host of “Eagle and Reshka” and her partner in the ice show Roman Kostomarov. Sobchak published a screenshot of a candid photo of Nastasya Samburskaya, which he playfully commented on with Topalov's emoticons. Ksenia hastened to warn Todorenko about this publicly so that she would pay attention to her husband's behavior.

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