Jan 30, 2021
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Ksenia Sobchak made a parody of the video in which Olga Buzova announces her breakup with David Manukyan

00:19, 01/30/2021

The TV presenter jokingly called for the blocking of Konstantin Bogomolov on social networks.

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After the birthday party Olga Buzovoy rumors about the singer’s breakup with David Manukyan once again began to gain momentum. In one of the videos from the artist’s holiday, you can see how Olga pushes David away from herself. According to eyewitnesses, the reason for the conflict between the lovers was Manukyan’s delay. This time the rumors of parting were confirmed – Buzova stated about the breakup the day after his birthday.

Olga published a video in which she shares the sad news with tears in her eyes. In addition to announcing the breakup, the star also urged those who are not indifferent to block David on Instagram. Today Ksenia Sobchak parodied the appeal of Buzova, beating the emotionality of the artist. In his YouTube show “Beware: News!” TV presenter mimicked a star “House-2” and jokingly asked viewers to stop supporting their spouse on social networks Konstantin Bogomolov

Ksenia Sobchak made a parody of the video in which Olga Buzova announces her breakup with David Manukyan

Recall that Buzova accused Manukyan in assault and treason. The blogger himself did not react to the statement of his former lover, limiting himself to a brief comment on air show “Dancing with the Stars”… According to David, the relationship with Olga is a passed stage for him. By the way, not everyone thinks so – some celebrity acquaintances of ex-couples suggest that the artists may reunite in the future.

So, Victoria Bonya called on Buzov will not bring the details of the conflict with Manukyan to a public court. The TV personality explained this advice by the fact that former lovers can still find a common language and resume relations. Also, the country’s main matchmaker expressed her opinion about the breakup of the couple. Roza Syabitova… Leading “Let’s get married” considers the end of the relationship between David and Olga to be fictitious – pimp named the breakup of the singer and blogger by “black PR”

Olga Buzova and David Manukyan

We add that recently David Manukyan has faced problems not only in his personal life. The journalists managed to find out that the blogger is deeply in debt. According to media reports, the former lover of Olga Buzova owes more than one million rubles… The blogger signed a deal to sell an apartment in a new building with realtors, but he did not fulfill his part of the agreement – David took the full amount of 1,050,000 rubles for the apartments that the investors never received. At the moment, the bailiffs are looking for Manukyan to demand that he return the debt to the plaintiffs.

As for Ksenia Sobchak, the TV presenter often makes fun of her stellar colleagues. Unfortunately, sometimes controversial parodies of a journalist offend those whom the presenter mimics. So, at the beginning of last month, Ksenia made fun of the interview Stas Kostyushkina, in which the singer frankly spoke about the rape he had experienced in childhood. The artist said that he does not need an apology from Sobchak, however, he believes that the TV presenter did the wrong thing. According to Kostyushkin, rape is not a good topic of jokes.

Olga Buzova with Ksenia Borodina

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