Oct 11, 2021
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Ksenia Sobchak got into an accident the day before, in which people died


The previous evening, journalist and presenter Ksenia Sobchak was driving from Sochi to the airport and had a fatal accident.

Yesterday evening, October 9, Ksenia Sobchak, together with Zemfira and Igor Vernik, was in Sochi for a corporate event. The blonde went to the airport in a Mercedes S500, the driver of which made a head-on collision with a Volkswagen. The accident killed a 35-year-old woman who was sitting in a Volkswagen cabin. And an hour ago, there was information about another fatal accident victim. Recall that a 28-year-old driver was driving a Volkswagen, two young women were driving in the passenger seat.

There is a video on social networks from the alleged accident site. The video was taken by the drivers of passing cars. They slow down to get a better look at the consequences of an accident. “Hard, hard … Resuscitation is there … Look, half of the “Merce” is gone. All pillows of “Mers” worked“, – eyewitnesses comment.

Ksenia Sobchak and Igor Vernik are preparing for a corporate event in Sochi
Ksenia Sobchak and Igor Vernik are preparing for a corporate event in Sochi

According to preliminary data, the driver of the Mercedes S500 flew into the oncoming lane during overtaking and collided with a Volkswagen from which the latter was thrown onto a minibus. A 35-year-old passenger who came to the Kuban from the Moscow region died immediately, a 29-year-old girl, it is assumed, died later. A 28-year-old driver of a foreign car was hospitalized. There were 10 people in the minibus, none of them asked for medical help, the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the Krasnodar Territory reported.

According to eyewitnesses, Sobchak and two more Mercedes passengers were not injured. After the collision, they got into another car and drove to the airport.

Today Ksenia Sobchak commented on reports about the accident that took place on the evening of October 9 in Sochi with her participation. She stated that she received a concussion and multiple injuries.

Ksenia Sobchak
Ksenia Sobchak

This post is written personally by me. Now I am at home, I just got better, I have a concussion and numerous injuries. I am horrified and shocked by the fact that people died and we will contact our relatives. I am not flying anywhere and I am not going“, – Sobchak said in her Telegram channel.

The journalist confirmed that at the time of the accident she was in the car, adding that the car did not belong to her, and the driver was local: “I didn’t rush the driver, of course. None of us rushed. During the trip, I talked about working in the zoom and there is a record of how I do it. It was a specific personal decision of the driver, it’s true“.

Sobchak said that her assistant was also diagnosed with a concussion. “I was driving with the team, after the collision I lost consciousness, then my assistant transferred me to another car“, – she said.

The TV presenter also noted that she was offered hospitalization in Sochi. According to Sobchak, she abandoned her out of a desire to get to her son and home, after which she flew to Moscow. “Today examination, as bruises of internal organs and concussionse, ”she said.

According to Sobchak, after the accident, she left in another car. “But first, my director Kirill called an ambulance and went to see if we could help another car. People have already done them“, – explained the journalist.

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