Nov 5, 2021
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Ksenia Sobchak celebrated her 40th birthday in Rome


TV presenter and journalist Ksenia Sobchak, together with her husband, went on a November vacation to Rome, where she received congratulations on the round date.

The best weekend – with loved ones“, – decided Ksenia Sobchak and flew to Rome for the November holidays. Ksenia supplied herself with two vaccines to fly freely around the world. At the end of October, she had a terrible accident that resulted in the death of a young woman. “I decided that I would not make excuses in this situation, because I have nothing. The situation itself and accusing me of something is mean“, – said after a while Xenia.

The journalist admitted that she remains in touch with all the participants in the accident. She is no longer ready to discuss this situation. She also reported: “I will not celebrate my birthday, as such a tragedy happened. Although there were certain plans“.

There will be no magnificent celebration, but Konstantin Bogomolov arranged a Roman mini-vacation for his birthday girl. He took her to the Eternal City – to walk the streets, enjoy the comfort of Italian restaurants and be alone.

Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov in Rome
Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov in Rome

The best weekend – with loved ones ❤️❤️❤️Thank you husband for Rome“, – said Ksenia.

As soon as the clock struck midnight on November 5, Konstantin Yurievich wrote on Instagram: “There is no humility in your humility, but there is so much weakness in your strength. Therefore, there is no lie in your tenderness. Happy day❤️“.

The director accompanied these beautiful words with an equally beautiful picture of Ksenia. This is how he sees his famous wife – strong, but in fact, fragile.

Ksenia Sobchak
Ksenia Sobchak

The birthday girl herself also spoke about her round date.
Thank you all for such warm congratulations 40 is the new 20 😂! I survived, I am with the people I love, and I have a wonderful son. I wish myself to make less plans, but I just want to live and love, getting joy from every moment❤️“, – wrote Sobchak on Instagram.

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