Jan 12, 2021
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Ksenia Sobchak admitted that she admires Andrei Malakhov on his birthday

04:47, 01/12/2021

The star touchingly congratulated her colleague on her 49th birthday.

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January 11 to showman Andrei Malakhov is 49 years old. Among those who congratulated the star on his birthday was a close friend and colleague of the TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak… On social networks, the journalist spoke touchingly about the birthday man, admitting that she admires Malakhov’s professionalism and personal qualities.

“Andryusha !!! Happy Birthday! I admire what human qualities you have managed to preserve after so many years of deep immersion in the wonderful world of Russian showbiz. The main thing that I admire about you is the ability not to offend anyone, and at the same time do your job. It doesn’t always work for me. And I also know just after the music-tv that you are a real friend. And a principled person. Always near. I will tear anyone for you. I love. Be happy!” – Sobchak wrote in her microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged. – Prim. line.).

Ksenia Sobchak admitted that she admires Andrei Malakhov on his birthday

Recall that it was Andrei Malakhov acted as a witness at the wedding ceremony Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov 2019 year. The host held the bride’s crown during the sacrament in the Temple of the Great Ascension. At the end of the wedding, Andrei left the cathedral in the company of Sobchak’s mother. Because of this circumstance, it can be concluded that the showman became the invited “father”, however, Malakhov himself did not comment on his role during the ceremony.

By the way, Andrey has been happily married to the editor for many years. Natalya Shkuleva… The couple formalized their union in 2011. The celebrity lovers organized a truly luxurious wedding ceremony – the wedding took place at the Palace of Versailles in Paris. For six years, the couple remained childless, but in November 2017, Natalya finally gave her husband the desired firstborn. It is worth noting that the whole country participated in choosing a name for the baby. During the show “Live” Malakhov asked viewers to help name his newborn son. As a result of the popular vote, the star heir became Alexander, in honor of Alexander Nevsky.

Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov

It is worth noting that despite Andrey’s assurances of happiness reigning in his family, rumors periodically appear on social networks about the imminent divorce of the TV presenter and his wife. According to Malakhov himself, the reason for such conversations is his low activity on social networks. Unlike many other celebrities, Andrei rarely shares personal pictures and videos in which he spends time with his wife. It is noteworthy that the public has not yet had the opportunity to see the face of the presenter’s three-year heir.

Malakhov explained his unwillingness to show Alexander to the public by the fact that he simply does not consider it necessary at the moment. According to Andrey, he is not going to make money on his son by posting content with the boy on social networks. However, the TV presenter and his wife also have no intentions to hide the heir all the time. According to the celebrity, they will wait until Alexander grows up enough to independently resolve the issue of his publicity.

Andrey Malakhov and his wife Natalya Shkuleva

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