Sep 15, 2022
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Ksenia Borodina was called hypocritical


Presenter Ksenia Borodina launches her own course, which is already being criticized.

The TV presenter is actively promoting her online project dedicated to the topic of divorce. The telediva believes that she has something to say to the audience, because behind her fragile shoulders there are a number of high-profile partings.

Katya Konasova, a blogger known for exposing stars, decided to get acquainted with the TV presenter’s online product. The author of the show noted that now Borodina speaks warmly of potential clients, although she previously contemptuously called some “borschevkas”. “They don’t do anything. Dumplings are made all day long, borscht is cooked, ”Xenia once said.

Times are changing, friends! The course needs to be sold somehow, so instead of the usual raids on your audience, you need to use almost declarations of love“, – ironically Konasova.

The blogger shared a video in which the host of DOMA-2 tenderly addresses the public. “You are not my morons, you already understand everything perfectly. I look forward to my course. I love you very much”, Borodina smiled.

Ksenia Borodina - photo from the archive -
Ksenia Borodina – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Katya also pointed out the contradictions in the words of the 39-year-old TV presenter. Ksenia emphasized that she was not engaged in warming up the audience, but at the same time she lured everyone with revelations about her personal life and polls on social networks.

Yes Yes. No warm-up, but a modest undertaking. Rubric “Ksyusha, what to do?” with expert advice about relationships from Borodina herself. Apparently it doesn’t count at all. Well, bribing the audience with promises to share secrets from his personal life … This does not count, of course”, the blogger quipped.

Konasova also mentioned the amount that Borodina is asking for her course. Now its price starts from 6 thousand rubles. Experts suggest that as a result, the project will replenish the TV personality’s wallet by as much as 60 million.

Problems in relationships, in marriage, divorces are really hard. But there is no universal, as Ksyusha says, pills. All people are different. Of course, I am always in favor of looking for help, and not hacking off the shoulder, but help should be targeted, from an expert. And all these universal courses built on the personal experience of a blogger – let’s be honest, no help, but a way to make money on the problems of others”, – Katya reasoned in the YouTube show “Zashkvar of the Week”.

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