Oct 18, 2021
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Ksenia Borodina was accused of taking huge money for charity


The presenter Ksenia Borodina is going to sue the slanderers.

The host of “DOM-2” gets a lot of money for advertising on her personal blog, but Ksenia Borodina helps seriously ill children completely free of charge. It seems that many of Ksyusha’s ill-wishers cannot believe this.

Recently, information appeared that Ksenia allegedly takes a lot of money for publishing on her personal blog about helping a seriously ill child. Borodin is furious over such slander in his address. Now she intends to punish people who spread false information.

A million rubles for a story to collect for an injection for a child? Let them in their publics talk about my appearance, clothes, at home! But to pass off such a blatant lie as the truth … It would be better if at least one sick child was saved! – complained 38-year-old star. – There are things I won’t miss! It’s a matter of principle! These people have not saved a single life and still have the audacity to broadcast a blatant lie on their Instagram or YouTube channels! No evidence! Without any reason! What have you achieved in your life, besides criticizing public people ?! You say, they say, Ksenia, do not pay attention, but how not to pay? Stock up on lawyers if you have enough money! Gossipers! You will be responsible for your languages!

Ksenia Borodina
Ksenia Borodina

The curator of the Faith in Childhood charity fund Evgeny Yugrin stood up to defend Borodina, who denied all the dirt in relation to Xenia.

Ksenia has dozens of saved lives on her account! Never, you hear never Ksyusha asked for money for posting! I, Evgeny Yugrina, personally communicate with her and declare that this is all a monstrous lie and slander against Ksenia Borodina! We have never seen the greater delirium that these people invented in our life! At first, Ksyusha herself always invests in fundraising, and only then gives the opportunity to her wonderful audience to take part in good deeds! And how much Ksenia helps, without advertising, none of you even guesses!“- shared the volunteer.

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