Sep 14, 2020
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Ksenia Borodina sharply responded to haters accusing her of bragging

13:02, 09/14/2020

The TV presenter said that complaints about life have not yet helped anyone get rich.

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At the end of August, TV presenter Ksenia Borodina entered the Forbes list as a star who receives large sums for advertising on her Instagram microblog. Leading "House-2" took fourth place with an income of $ 0.77 million per year. Then the husband of Ksenia Kurban Omarov ironically noted that he might not work at all, because he would not be able to earn more than his wife.

Ksenia Borodina often replies to haters in her microblog on Instagram. So, today the TV star said that she is often accused of bragging and expensive purchases. Envious people complain that while Ksenia is wasting money, they do not know how to survive. Borodina sharply replied that complaints about life have not yet helped anyone get rich and instead of counting other people's money, commentators should engage in self-realization.

Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov

“I love reading this kind of message in Direct. About "immeasurable money" and everything else. Well, listen, if you continue in the same spirit as always complaining about fate and saying that you were out of luck. You see, if you have such a consciousness and the state of a victim all the time, then you will not be able to achieve any goals and any heights. I don’t know in my memory a person who always complained and who was constantly bad. He sat there, wrapping snot on his fist and earning a lot of money. I don’t remember such people, ”said Ksenia Borodina in the Stories section.

Also, Ksenia Borodina today was glad that many fans are buying things similar to her. It is worth noting that most of Borodina's wardrobe consists of expensive branded items. However, Ksenia noted that in cheaper stores you can find a good alternative to her outfits. Borodina reminded fans that the thing, first of all, should not be expensive, but of high quality. “Of course, I understand perfectly well that you always want an alternative, because branded Clothes bite with their prices, fortunately now the Mass Market will always make everything similar and cheaper,” said Ksenia (the author's spelling and punctuation are given unchanged. - Prim. line.).

Ksenia Borodina with her daughters

We add that Ksenia Borodina teaches her daughters to branded clothes: the older Marusya and the younger Theon. Last week, the four-year-old star heiress showed off a collection of her expensive handbags, which amazed fans of the TV star. It is worth noting that Ksenia still tries not to spoil her daughters and explains to them the value of money. It is known that Teona and Marusya have been involved in sports since childhood - they go to dances and rhythmic gymnastics. The eldest daughter Borodina more than once became a prize-winner and winner of various competitions, which caused an ambiguous reaction from the public. Social media users suspected that Marusa won the victory because of her popular parents.

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