Oct 29, 2021
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Ksenia Borodina said that she endured her husband’s betrayal for eight years


Presenter Ksenia Borodina told how her life changed after breaking up with Kurban Omarov.

The topic of divorce is painful for Ksenia. The host of “House-2” recently divorced her second husband, 41-year-old Kurban Omarov. Now the artist is trying to show by her example that life does not end after parting with a once beloved man. Borodin now often meets with her friends, devotes a lot of time to raising daughters Marusya and Teona, and also takes part in the Ice Age TV show.

The star is often asked for advice on personal relationships and parting with a loved one. Today, the TV presenter admitted that in some cases, a divorce can be a way to get rid of accumulated problems. She urged the girls not to listen to the opinions of other people and to act as their hearts tell.

It doesn’t take much effort to divorce. On the contrary, they should not remain … You should be so tired that you would like to get rid of it faster … Nothing has changed for the worse in my life. And to live only by the opinion of people and be afraid of it, so this is nonsense! You live once. Why devote your life to stereotypes, traditions, vows, and so on. All this should be mutually beneficial, the rules cannot work only in one direction! Then it doesn’t work if one sticks and the other doesn’t.“, – Ksenia spoke emotionally.

Ksenia Borodina
Ksenia Borodina

She admitted that there are all sorts of situations. “Having learned about the betrayal, you can make a decision, forgive and try to move on. But having learned that this is repeated, and even 8 years, how can you not be a fool?! ” – Borodin was sincerely indignant. The artist expressed confidence that it is categorically impossible to endure betrayal, and even for several years.

According to the TV presenter, she does not impose her views on life on anyone and gives advice only when asked to do so. “No one can decide for another person what is best for him, only if it does not threaten his health,” Ksenia assured. She added that this applies equally to personal relationships and changes in appearance.

Borodina is sure that the betrayal of men is disgusting. Omarov is also not easily going through a divorce, although he tries not to show it. He assures that he does not remember Xenia, and asks his ex-wife to do the same.

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