Mar 30, 2021
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Ksenia Borodina made a love spell on David Manukyan in Comment Out show

22:16, 03/30/2021

The TV presenter fulfilled the punishment.

The Comment Out Youtube show is famous for its provocative pranks, which celebrities arrange for each other with the submission of the host Vladimir Marconi. Today, March 30, the next issue of the project was released, the participants of which were singer Anna Sedokova and TV presenter Ksenia Borodina. Let’s say right away that Anna won the competition, and Ksenia in the studio was bewitched by a fortune teller to singer and video blogger David Manukyan.

According to the rules of the project, its participants take turns drawing out cards with tasks, and if they refuse to complete them, then they accept the punishment. Anna Sedokova, knowing that the punishment for refusing one of the cards would be a love spell on a double candle and cemetery land to David Manukyan, decided to complete the task from the card – invite businessman Oleg Tinkov to the bathhouse, writing to him about it on Instagram. So the love spell to Manukyan went to her rival Ksenia Borodina. The TV celebrity called herself superstitious and did not immediately agree to participate in the ritual. And Sedokova generally decided to step aside when the fortune-teller began her fortune-telling.

Vladimir Marconi and Ksenia Borodina

It is worth mentioning that the participants of the previous issues of Comment Out were often ashamed of their actions in the studio. In an interview with Vokrug TV, Sergei Svetlakov admitted that he was uncomfortable in this show, and another star participant in a humorous online project, choreographer and jury member of the DANCES show, Miguel, said that he and Ekaterina Varnava called Olga Buzova after filming. Comment Out and apologized for the offensive comment, which was published on her microblog on the instructions of Vladimir Marconi.

As for Anna Sedokova’s victory in the new issue, she was watched by a large support group in the studio. Together with her, her daughter came to the shooting, moonlighting her as a stylist and compiled her image for this exit, as well as her husband Janis Timma. The Latvian basketball player helped the singer to get up from the floor while performing one of the tasks.

Shot from the show Comment Out

But the husband of Ksenia Borodina, it seems, decided to stay at home. We will remind, the other day Kurban Omarov confirmed the pregnancy of his wife on the social network. Ksenia began to appear more often in the photo on the microblog in loose-fitting clothes, and one of her fans asked if she was preparing for the birth of a child. Suddenly, Kurban answered this question in the affirmative. Note that the shooting of Comment Out took place a few weeks before the news about Borodina’s pregnancy was discussed on the network.

We add that David Manukyan, after parting with Olga Buzova, is alone. After a year and a half of relationship and a wedding ceremony in the Maldives, show business stars announced their separation. The video blogger called their story a passed stage and focused on his career, which is now going uphill for him. He also seems to have made up with his longtime friend Karina Cross.

David Manukyan

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