Jan 2, 2022
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Ksenia Borodina is outraged by the cost of tickets in economy class


Ksenia Borodina decided to spend the New Year holidays in the Maldives.

In between the New Year celebrations and the exchange of barbs against her ex-husband, the ex-host of the scandalous “DOMA-2” decided to please her daughters and take them away from the Russian winter to warm lands, namely the Maldives. But so far the trip is going with big obstacles. So, in her personal blog, the star posted an indignant message that having paid more than 400 thousand for one ticket, she was not provided with a blanket and a pillow.

I would like to understand why when a ticket costs 450 thousand per person, people are not even worthy of a blanket with a pillow ?! A total of 40 blankets for the whole board, they said. What? Economy – 94 thousand, comfort – 450, I generally keep quiet about business … it costs a million! If there is such a difference with the economy, then why can’t you sew on all blankets and pillows ?! Nonsense!“- said the 38-year-old TV personality.

Ksenia Borodina
Ksenia Borodina

Now Borodin is already going through difficult times. Almost every day, ex-husband Kurban Omarov makes fun of her on Instagram, accuses her of cheating with her best friend. Ksenia, in response, is also not silent and sarcastically replies: “It can be seen that the 17-year-old mistresses can no longer cope.” Ksenia means that Kurban with these gossip specifically attracts attention, because there is nothing else, and doing a hype on his wife’s name is a win-win option. However, it is worth noting that he regularly gives ground for rumors about an affair with Omarov’s friend Trofim Simishchenko.

We will remind, Borodina and Omarov got married in 2015, they had a daughter Theona. But all these years, the relationship has been difficult. Repeatedly Kurban was seen in the company of other ladies … The presenter and the businessman either parted or converged again.

But a few months ago, Ksenia could not stand it and filed for divorce. Only, despite the freedom received, the negative skirmishes between the spouses continue. No one has yet begun to live his life without looking back at the past.

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