Nov 20, 2021
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Ksenia Borodina considers divorce the right choice


Host Ksenia Borodina spoke about the divorce.

The 38-year-old star did not disclose the reasons for the divorce. Although some of her entourage more than once hinted: Kurban turned out to be a real abuser. The TV personality herself admits that she will not tolerate disrespectful attitude towards herself.

Today Borodina published a number of videos in which she demonstrated the rude behavior of husbands with their wives: some of them were rude, and some even raised their hands. However, in response, the brunette, to her surprise, heard only excuses for such antics.

It is immoral to behave like this with women, you cannot talk like that and assert yourself at their expense. If you are satisfied with this attitude towards yourself – your right, no one says that you should get up and leave. If you like it, be patient. The question is, most people don’t like it. Remember one more very important thing, if a divorce happened in a woman’s life, this does not mean that she is a whore. This means that she did not tolerate. This means that she respects herself. Unfortunately, many do not have such a choice, because of this, anger and aggression appear. Here you sit and endure, but someone does not want to, making the right choice“- said the star.

Ksenia Borodina
Ksenia Borodina

Some reproached Borodina for her work in the show “DOM-2”, because there they constantly demonstrate fights between lovers and frequent scandals. However, the presenter assures that for almost 20 years in the project, she never approved of such behavior.

Recall that Ksenia was married twice. Her first husband was businessman Yuri Budagov. She gave the chosen one a daughter, Marusya, but family happiness did not last long. Soon the man was accused of fraud and put on the international wanted list. The activities of her second husband Kurban Omarov, from whom she raises Teona, also aroused big questions among fans of the TV personality. Borodina always spoke vaguely about the sources of her lover’s earnings.

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