Nov 14, 2020
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Ksenia Borodina congratulated Olga Orlova on her birthday, calling her unique

22:42, 11/13/2020

The hosts of the Dom-2 project have been friends for several years.

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Olga Orlova first appeared in the Dom-2 project in 2007. She took the position of a kind leader who tries to understand any situation. Unlike her co-host Ksenia Borodina, who has repeatedly played novels in the Perimeter, Orlova does not want to build relationships in public. Last year, one of the participants tried to court her, but his attempts were unsuccessful. During the joint work, Ksenia and Olga became very friendly. In early September, Borodina said in her microblog on Instagram that she believed in female friendship only after meeting with Orlova.

Today Ksenia congratulated her friend on her birthday, calling her the one and only. “Ol can of course say that women like you are rare … But that would be a deception! You are so one and only! I am very happy for you, as for my friend, because you are happy as a woman, and for me there is nothing more important. You deserve to be carried in your arms, your kindness, your huge heart is enough for all people and animals. So let every day be a small holiday, and you will always have a reason to smile! I love “, – wrote the TV presenter (The author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given unchanged. Prim. line.).

Ksenia Borodina congratulated Olga Orlova on her birthday, calling her unique

Note that one of the first to congratulate Orlova on her birthday was her lover, who decorated the house of the TV personality with balloons. Olga herself decided to take stock of the year. The TV star noted that she is very happy and grateful to the family and friends who go with her through life. By the way, Orlova has been hiding her beloved man from the public for a long time. It is known that they met in the winter of 2019. The beloved TV presenter’s name is Valery, he is several years older than Olga and is engaged in business. The couple was noticed several times together in restaurants and at public events, but Orlova herself is in no hurry to publish pictures with the chosen one and talk about their personal life. On the social network, the star has repeatedly noted that she is now very happy.

The actress is raising a son, whom she gave birth to in 2001 in a marriage with Alexander Karmanov. The couple broke up three years after the birth of the child, but managed to maintain a normal relationship. Artem Karmanov after the divorce of his parents he stayed with his mother. The young man is far from the world of show business and prefers to keep his personal life secret. True, some time ago there were rumors that Orlova’s son could become a participant in the reality “Dom-2”. However, Olga refuted these arguments.

Olga Orlova and her son

The media personality said that Artem was studying at a higher educational institution. Olga admitted that she supports her son in every possible way and periodically brags about his success. It is known that the artist’s son graduated from school with a gold medal, and was also able to independently enter the university. Orlova never spoke about the desire to have more children, but admitted that she had a positive attitude towards surrogate motherhood. The artist said that she supports those who want to become parents in this way, and surrogate mothers who help them in this.

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