Aug 12, 2022
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Ksenia Borodina called one of the stars of the show “Dom 2” a humpback


Leading Ksenia Borodina has been in conflict with Leroy Frost for a long time.

The conflict between the stars of “HOUSE-2” does not subside. Brunettes do not miss the opportunity to once again insult each other in public space.

The other day, 28-year-old Lera Frost announced a joyful event – she is getting married. The deputy of the State Duma became the chosen one of the brunette, however, the name of the man is still kept secret. Fans are showering the reality star with questions about the upcoming wedding, not without mentioning the sworn enemy.

I hope that after marriage you will fall behind Borodina and her life”, — the subscriber turned to Frost. “Of course I will. Only the contacts of a good chiropractor will be given to her so that she stops being a stoop”, – the ex-participant of DOMA-2 laughed in response.

By the way, Leroux has long been suspected of having an affair with Kurban Omarov, which may have only fueled the conflict between former colleagues. The brunette denies a relationship with Xenia’s ex-husband, but was not averse to pricking her rival in her conflict with a businessman.

Ksenia Borodina - photo from the archive -
Ksenia Borodina – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

When Kurban accused Borodina of treason with a friend, Frost sided with him, once again calling the TV personality a stoop. She recalled to the presenter how she hinted at her alleged escort past.

I will say one thing: what a person says about others, says it about himself. And the way she insulted me and exposed me showed in the end who she was. Time always puts everything in its place. This concludes the topic of this individual.“, – said Lera.

Now Frost is immersed in preparations for the wedding. She notes: her fiancé will be a faithful husband. “I know that I will never betray him and I am confident in him, as in a man. By nature, he is pure in soul and is not able to betray a loved one. If I had not felt this quality in him, I would not have been with him.“, – the brunette is sure.

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