Sep 14, 2020
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Ksenia Borodina boasted that fans are buying things similar to her in stores

07:53, 09/14/2020

The TV presenter said that the loafers, in which she was on the line of her daughter on September 1, did not remain in the boutiques after her photograph in them.

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Ksenia Borodina regularly answers questions from subscribers in her microblog on Instagram about certain things. Fans ask the TV host where she got the shoes or bags. Now Ksenia boasted that some things were bought up in stores after she uploads photos to them.

“Every time in the questionnaire, more and more questions about my style and where did these pants come from, a jacket, a bag, and loafers, in which I was on September 1, were dared. Thank you so much for trusting my taste. Of course, I understand perfectly well that you always want an alternative, because branded Clothing bites with its prices, fortunately now the Mass Market will always make everything similar and cheaper, "said Ksenia (the author's spelling and punctuation are unchanged. - Prim. line.).

Ksenia Borodina boasted that fans are buying up her things in stores

Borodina clarified that earlier the parents of many could purchase similar things only by a pattern in a magazine. At the same time, it was difficult to buy something worthwhile. Now, according to the star, everything is much simpler. Ksenia believes that it is better to have fewer things in the wardrobe, but made of good natural material than a lot of low-quality ones. Borodina says that such things do not fade, do not squeeze and do not rub the skin.

The TV presenter turned to the fans and recommended that they buy only what is worn for a long time, and with proper care and after numerous washes, it remains to look good. Ksenia clarified that people pay a lot of money for a brand, because things will turn out to be of high quality. However, she noted that there are exceptions.

It is worth noting that Ksenia Borodina buys expensive things, including for her two daughters, Marusa and Theone. For example, three days ago, the youngest child of the TV presenter showed off her collection of branded bags. However, Ksenia emphasizes that she tries not to spoil the children. She brings up girls strictly. They both go in for sports - they go to dances and rhythmic gymnastics. Marusya repeatedly became a prize-winner and winner of various competitions, which caused an ambiguous reaction from the public, who thought that the girl received the award because of the name of her mother.

Children of Ksenia Borodina also wear branded things

However, Ksenia emphasized that the life of the stars only seems carefree, but in fact, the children of artists have to feel the prejudice and close attention of the audience. In addition, it is her children who have to prove that they have earned this or that status by right, and not by pull. True, Borodin does not involve children in household chores at all. Ksenia said that Marusa and Theone did not need to be able to cook or clean up.

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