Oct 13, 2020
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Ksenia Borodina accused women that men stopped thinking about serious relationships

08:52, 13.10.2020

The TV presenter is outraged that the stronger sex does not seek the attention of the weaker.

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Ksenia Borodina regularly speaks out on social topics, analyzes the relationship between men and women and criticizes the fairer sex for their behavior. So, Borodina published a screenshot of the man's personal page on a dating site on her Instagram microblog. There, a young man openly says that he does not need a relationship, and girls can rely exclusively on intimacy with him, without beautiful courtship, gifts and pastime on weekends.

Ksenia did not disregard such a message and accused the women of such behavior of men. “This kind of joke was thrown into the group, but it doesn't seem funny to me at all. Because this is no longer a joke, this is the reality of life. If a decent girl is lonely now, then it has become completely difficult for her to find herself a second half. Many men have completely repulsed the hunter's instinct, because it is enough for them to sit down at a table in a restaurant and the girls themselves begin to stick and ask for their table. And do not call me a prude, but this is prejudice And so on, this is the real truth. It's just that now we live in a world where a man does not need to constantly defend himself from enemies and catch up with his food. Many men work in a chair at the table. But the energy that was previously intended for protection and hunting does not disappear anywhere! And it is she who makes the man be active. I don't know how in the regions, maybe everything is simpler there, but Moscow is spoiled by this female attention and these snotty songs remain songs, how everyone likes to suffer, in fact, everything is how this guy wrote ", - noted Ksenia (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. - Prim. row.).

Ksenia Borodina accused women that men stopped thinking about serious relationships

Borodina stressed that she is sincerely sorry for the girls who are not in a relationship and are waiting for the "man of dreams", because this is now difficult to find. Moreover, Ksenia stated that women themselves are to blame for such an attitude of the opposite sex. According to the presenter, if the weaker sex were not so easily accessible, men would not be impudent. Ksenia said that girls should not give up so quickly, because a man should beautifully look after his chosen one.

Ksenia has been happily married for five years

Recall that Ksenia Borodina not only writes posts about the relationship of lovers, but also often speaks out to other bloggers and other media personalities. So, for example, did not disregard Borodin and Timati's participation in the show "Bachelor". The TV presenter said that she did not believe in the sincerity of either the hero of the project or its participants. According to Xenia, everyone goes to this program “for the hype,” and there is no purpose to find love there. At the same time, she considers the very idea of ​​the "Bachelor" interesting.

We add that Ksenia herself has been happily married to Kurban Omarov for five years now and is raising with him a common daughter Theon and the eldest child from her first marriage, Marusya. Thanks to her rich family experience, Ksenia shares advice with women. True, not everything was so smooth in their relationship with Kurban. A few months after the birth of Teona, Ksenia learned about Omarov's betrayal and decided to divorce him. For three months the couple did not communicate, however, Ksenia was able to forgive her unfaithful husband. Now Borodina denies that Kurban cheated on her, and believes that she was specially supplied with false information.

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