Sep 21, 2022
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Ksenia Alferova wanted to plant


Actress Ksenia Alferova spoke about the threats.

The artist in her telegram published the phone number from which they tried to piss her off and intimidate her with false information.

According to the actress, a certain woman called her and said that someone allegedly informed her that she was participating in some kind of illegal demonstrations. And in order to refute this, she needs to appear at the city executive committee.

Ksenia Alferova - photo from the archive -
Ksenia Alferova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Otherwise, I will be charged under which article of the Criminal Code I do not remember and they will sweep me away! be careful“, – Irina Alferova’s daughter warned subscribers.

She believes that now such phone calls from unfriendly persons can become massive. And all in order to intimidate the people and shake the situation in the country.

The main thing here is to keep calm, sobriety of mind and a sense of humor, in my opinion!“- advised Alferova.

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