Oct 20, 2021
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Kristina Orbakaite’s son spoke about blackmail


The son of the singer Kristina Orbakaite, Leni Baysarov admitted that he was being blackmailed.

A representative of a famous family almost fell victim to online scams. 22-year-old Deni Baysarov told how they extorted money from him for personal data.

The youngest son of Christina Orbakaite followed one of the links in private messages on Instagram. Soon his page was hacked. Baysarov realized this when he received a message that his data had been changed.

Don’t click on links, friends. I was hacked. They frayed my nerves. I wanted to see what they write to me, but in the end I spent the whole weekend with some dude from Turkey. Technical support didn’t help me in any way. I had to find friends and acquaintances who work at Facebook. They blackmailed me a little. Thank goodness the dude didn’t do anything bad, didn’t delete anything or put it up“, – admitted Denis.

Christina Orbakaite with her son
Christina Orbakaite with her son

Alla Pugacheva’s grandson managed to find out the identity of the attacker. It turned out to be a resident of Turkey who goes to school. The teenager extorted money from Baysarov.

The kid from Turkey decided to try his luck and earn extra money. The communication was just funny. The schoolboy turned out to be a good hacker. Well, thanks for instadetox“, – the artist’s son joked.

Denis was born in a civil marriage Orbakaite with businessman Ruslan Baysarov. The daughter of Alla Pugacheva left her lover when she found out that he had a child from another woman. The parting was accompanied by a loud scandal. Orbakaite and Baysarov were in conflict over who their son would stay with. By the decision of the Grozny court, the boy moved to his father. Christina admitted that the ex-chosen one was a tyrant and raised his hand to her.

Denis was educated at the University of Great Britain. The young man is fond of art. Recently, Orbakaite’s son was credited with an affair with a charming blonde named Maria, but he denied this information, stating that they were on friendly terms.

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